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Colombo Bike Show.

11:37 AM 6/26/2024

Bicycle Show.


Bicycles are very popular with the young boys and girls. They use it to go around on it to schools and colleges. In addition they used to travel on Sundays for pleasure. Bikes can come in many variants. It can be peddeled on or electric powered one. The selection of it depends on the children's parents and or by their guardians.

Who Makes The Bike?

Popular bikes come from USA and UK. On the other hand China is the mass producer of bicycle. China used to have lot of bicycle assembling plants in hundreds of countries.
Same bike model is assembled in these countries in different brand names and in different colors. More over these bicycles are cheaper than the UK's Raleigh brand bicycles. Actually China's main target is to export these cheap priced bicycles in to the USA for sale.

Learning to ride bicycles.

To ride a bicycle you need to have balance the bicycle on two wheels. Before to learn riding bike, get safety gears to safe guard your head, legs and hands. It is better to learn riding with the assistance of your friend or with a grown up person. Some local counties request the bike riders to register with them.

Repairing bike.

Standard bicycles can be repaird by the owner after learning the skill from a technician. Also it will require some some spanners and other tools. In addition the bicycles used for racing and with multi Gears need special skilled people to repair them.These bikes are are very complecated to repair by normal kids.


Street Rally.

Lumala Bicycles