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Motorcycle Chain Link

4:58 AM 6/19/2024

Motorcycle chain used to transfer the power from gear box to the rear wheel. Large Cruise motorcycle used to have shaft drive while scooters have belt drives. When you send your motorcycle for service, you can ask the mechanic to adjust the chain slackness. Adjusting the chin link is performed, then it is necessary to adjust the rear brake settings too. Larger motorcycles and Trail or motocross bike need special chain links to get the perfect power. If there is too much crouching sound coming from the chain link means that the damper and sprocket set may have been damaged. You need to replace them quickly.

Take Note,
If the chain is too slackened, and when you ride in to a pot holes while going at good speed, the chain can be thrown in between the wheel and the sprocket. Due to this your motorcycle will make a sudden stop as it can't move. You as the unsuspecting rider will be thrown away from the motorcycle. Some time you may have to end of in the hospital with injuries. So always keep the motorcycle's chain slackness at allowable level. There are three kinds of chains available in the market for the motorcycles..

  • Standard Roller Chains
  • O- Ring Chains
  • X- Ring Chains

    O-Ring / X Ring Chains are self lubricating ones and they require less maintenance. They have rubber O/X rings are placed in the chain and they should be cleaned with only recommended Chain Cleaner.
motorcycle Chain
  • Most of the bikes have the mark on the cover where the chain should be parallel to the mark.
  • When adjusting the chain care must be given to keep the rear wheel on the center of the rear spoke and not to be one sided.
  • Also the rear drum brake should be adjusted according to its new distance after adjusting the chain.
  • Then the mechanic can put suitable oil to lubricate the chain links.
  • The slackness should be set according to the manufacturer instructions and marks.
  • We advise you to set the chain slackness at good level as recommended by the manufacturer.

Stuck on the road with the chain thrown away from the sprocket wheel?

  • Put the motorbike in neutral (gear position)
  • Stop it on the center stand.
  • If have chain cover remove the top part.
  • Slowly rotate the back tyre backwards.
  • Now the chain must slack a bit.
  • Important: Never use your fingers to catch the running chain.
  • Use a screw driver or piece of wire to lift the chain and place it on the sprocket wheel.
  • Once it is in place slowly ride to the nearest motorcycle mechanic and tighten the chain's slackness.

Shaft Driven Motorcycles.

Nearly all of the BMW motorbikes and most of the American and Japanese touring, sport touring motorcycles and cruisers, use to have shaft drive for smooth power transfer.

Scooter Belt Drive.

Belt drive is good as it won't make much noise like chain drive.
It won't throw grease or oil like chain around the body.
But it needs new belts and pulley change after heavy usage.
Now most of the Scooters are provided with CVT drive belts. Gone are the normal drive belts and the v-belts.

motorcycle Chain

Chain Link Video.

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