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Electric Bikes.

8:05 AM 5/15/2024

Electric Bicycles are becoming popular with the young people in Sri Lanka. They come with lightweight lithium-ion batteries that can be charged with household electricity. Nearly all the electric. Electric cycles are widely available for purchase in Sri Lanka. Majority of the electric Bicycles were imported from China. These eBicycles can give 80–100 km of ride range per charge. There are Gents, Ladies and kids ebikes are available in the market. Double rider Bikes and universal attachable additional passenger single wheel too available in the market. When raining use special cover to protect your e-cycle. Take note, when riding E-Bikes wear Certified Helmets, Eye Goggles and proper shoes. Avoid using electric two wheelers in the rain. Normally these electric bicycles don't need a license to ride it. In the meantime lot of electric bicycles are available for sale in Sri Lanka at little higher price.

Currently there are lot of CXhinese version electric cycles are available for sale in the shops. In addition lot of electric cycles are staying in the garages due to lack of batteries for them. Brand new electric cycle price is high and they have 3 - 6 months warranty only for them. People are not ready for to spend high price for these batteries with short period warranty on them.

In this year many new companies including Singer, are announcing their electric motorcycles in Sri Lanka. Keep watching Sunday newspapers and Facrbook pages as there are lot of latest electric Scooters, electric Bikes and Electric Motorcycles are announced with price and details of warranty. In Sri Lanka electric cycle sales is very low due to its battery draining problems. Moreover it is difficult to find a replacement battery at affordable price for these electric Bikes is currently selling the following Electric Scooter.
Lima Electric Scooter.
Sri Lanka Price: Rs 499,000/-
Easy Instalment plan is available from Organization.

India Electric Bicycle

Types of Electric Bikes available by Class in Sri Lanka.
1. Class 1: Pedal Assisted
2. Class 2: Throttle
3. Class 3: Speed Pedelec
4. Fat Tyre Bikes

Best Electric Bikes that are available in the USA.

  • VanMoof S3 Price: US$ 1998
  • Pedal Electric Core Price: US$ 2050
  • Ride1Up 700 Series Price: US$ 1695
  • Lectric XP 2.0 Price: US$ 1000
  • RadWagon 4 - Electric Cargo Bike Price: US$ 1699
  • Ride1UP Price: US$ 2295
  • Bluejay Sport Price: US$ 3995
  • Trek Rail E-Mountain Bike Price: US$ 5,650
  • Propella Electric Bikes Price: US$ 1099

Gents E-Cycles are marketed as racing Model, BMX, Standard, Fat Boy and Fun Rider. Foldable models. Solar Powered E-bicycles.
Top Speed of the Electric Bikes is around 32 Kmph.

Electric Bicycle Price in Sri Lanka.

Lumala Electric Bicycles are NOW available in Sri lanka to purchase.
    Lumala E-Elite Electric Bicycle Price: Rs 189,999/-

    Lycan E-Hound Price: Rs 198,999/-
    Lumala Lycan E-Hunt Electric Bike Price: Rs 272,999/-
    Lycan E-Mythic Electric Bicycle Price: Rs 199,999/-
    Lumala Lycan E-Shadow E-Bicycle Price: Rs 196,999/-
    Lycan E-Wraith Electric Bicycle Price: Rs 278,999/-

This year 2024, Sri Lanka Government had permitted to import Electric Bicycles with the tax payment of Rs 1,000/- up to Rs 4,000/- .
As per Importers, new electric bicycle price is from Rs 400,000/- up to Rs 500,000/-.
People can fly to India and bring this eBicycle from India at cheaper rate than paying high price to local importers.

Electric-Bicycle Price in Sri Lanka.

Electric Cycle For Ladies

Rhoda Electric Bicycle Price: Rs 339,000/-+
Etron Electric Bicycle Price: Rs 350,000/-+
Triad Electric Bicycle Price: Rs 315,000/-+
WaltX Spark 3 EBicycle Price: Rs 330,000/-+
Hero Lectro Electric Bicycle Price: From Rs 285,000/- Up to Rs 435,000/-
Tudo Folding Electric Bicycle Price: Rs 325,000/-+
E Bicycle V1 Model Price: Rs 345,000/-
Current eBike -Tribrid Price: Rs 350,000/-
Bergamont E-Horizon 6 Price: Rs 950,000/-
BMW Urban Hybrid Price: Rs 990,000/-
Cube Kathmandu Hybrid.
E-Duro Electric bicycle Price: Rs 275,000/-

E-Duro Electric bicycle can do 100km on pedal assist.
Company offers special price for wholesale for company staff and Delivery companies.
Safa Bicycle, Rajagiriya.

Toutche Electric Heileo M200 Bicycle Price: INR 57,900 +
Suggested Sri Lanka Price: Rs 231,000/-
Variant - STD.
Travel 75 km/Full charge.


Best Electric Bicycles. Video.

Sri Lanka e-bike

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Electric Bicycle

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