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Harley Davidson and Donald Trump.

6:01 AM 5/16/2024

President Donald Trump is the current American President who is looking after and controlling the spread of the unwanted Corona Virus in the USA. As per reports tens of thousands of people are expired due to this infection. While large numbers of people are being looked after in Hospitals and Care Centers. President Donald Trump is working hard to revive the US Economy with the help of other Officials. It looks like some years are in need to come back to America's normal level. He is going to compete in the coming US President election. He is very fond of the Harley Davidson motorcycle and he is caring for the company's growth as it is pride of the USA.

harley davidson

Actually Harley Davidson is the leading Motorcycle manufacturer that was originally started to manufacturer high quality motorcycles in the USA. And it is the popular motorcycle in the USA and in many developed countries. It is high powered machine with high price tag. Most of the Americans celebrate this one as the pride of their USA. Mean while they have manufacturing plants in Brazil, India, Australia and Thailand.

Some years back President Donald Trump taunted Harley-Davidson on Twitter, saying, "Now that Harley-Davidson is moving part of its operation out of the U.S., my Administration is working with other Motor Cycle companies who want to move into the U.S. Harley customers are not happy with their move - sales are down 7% in 2017. The U.S. is where the Action is!"

But many industrial analysts say that lot of people like the American Harley Davidson motorcycles. But they don't care whether it was made in USA or in other country. They only want a perfect Harley motorcycle. Michael Pflughoeft, communications director for the company, confirmed that all motorcycles made overseas are sold overseas. The company is shutting down a Kansas City, Missouri, factory and transferring those operations to York, Pennsylvania. So the Harley Davidson Motorcycle will rule the roads and the hearts of the American people.

This is DonalD Trump'S the expensive golden Harley Davidson, seen at Trump Tower, New York City, USA. Video

Official website of President Donald Trumph.

Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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