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LAMS Approved Motorcycles For R-E Class.

7:01 AM 2/28/2024

LAM motorcycle

LAMS approved motorcycle list for the R-E class in Australia and New Zealand. This list is for the Australia riders who are in the process of getting their new riding license for authorities. Also this article will enlighten Sri Lankans who are going to visit/stay in Australia and want to obtain an Australia motorcycle driving license. These Motorcycles are good for young Australians who are planning to obtain their motorcycle license in the near future. This license will help them to ride motorcycles in other countries too. If properly endorsed, they can obtain a local temporary license in that country. Here is the list of Australia LAMS approved motorcycles for R-E Class. Motorcycles under 650cc are considered under the LAMS code. Take note that all the motorcycles under 650cc are approved by the LAMS and modified motorcycles are in the list of prohibited motorcycles. This requirements will apply for the New Zealand motorcycle learners too. The list may change without notice by the Authorities and you need to verify the accuracy of the list before you decide buy any motorcycle for you.

Before to buy a Motorcycle for LAMS R-E Class Paper, check in the allowed motorcycle list for this year.

What is LAMS?
Learner approved motorcycle scheme.

Suzuki RGV250
Suzuki RGV250
Kawasaki KR250 (KR-1 and 1S)
Kawasaki KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models)
Honda NSR250
Honda NSR250
Yamaha TZR250
Yamaha TZR250
Aprilia RS250
Aprilia RS250

Prohibited modifications on Motorcycles for LAMS.

Big bore or stroker kits that increase the capacity beyond 250cc
Nitrous oxide (NOS) injection
Fitment of a turbocharger or supercharger

LAMS Approved Models.

All motorcycles: Built before December 1960, with an engine capacity less than 660 are approved With electric powered engines, with a power output not in excess of 25 Kw, are approved With an engine capacity under 260 cc are approved with the exception of below listed Not Approved Motorbikes.
Not Approved Motorbikes by LAMS.

Brand Model Engine Capacity
Aprilia RS250 250
Honda NSR250 250
Kawasaki KR1, KR1S 250
Suzuki RGV250 250
Yamaha TZR250 250


This was last updated by LAMS. PDF file

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