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Motorcycle Brake System.

6:01 AM 5/16/2024

Motorcycle brake system is operated manually through hand lever for the front wheel while the rear one is operated by a lever that is pressed by the leg. Meanwhile the CBS models operate both the front and rear brakes together. All the Motorcycles are fitted with front and rear-brakes for to control and maneuver it easily by the rider. They are available as drum brake and disk brakes. It is advisable both the front and rear brakes should be applied evenly. The front brake should be applied along with the rear brake with equal brake pressure for smooth maneuvering. When brakes are applied disc brake lesser hot and the drum brakes will become hotter. The holes in the disc brake will help it loose the heat quickly. The heat produced in the drum brake will stay and on for long runs, if applied brake when it is hot a noise will be produced and the efficient of the applying brake will be reduced due to its heat. Both the Disc Brakes and Drum brakes used to have brake pads and they should be checked time to time for wear and tear. If necessary they should be replaced with new ones as per the instructions of the motorcycle manufacturer.

Available Brake Types in the latest Motorbikes.

Front and Rear wheels provided Drum Brakes.
Front single Disc Brake and Rear with Drum Brake..
Single Disc Brake in the Front and Rear with single Disc Brake.
Front Double Disc Brake and Rear with single Disc Brake.
Single or Double Disc Brake in the Front and Rear with single Disc Brake with single channel ABS or Dual Channel ABS.
Cornering ABS and IMU provided Motorcycles. More.

Disadvantage of Front Disc Brake without ABS.

If one disc on the front wheel is available and if sudden brake is applied, the front wheel will stop and the bike will turn side wise (Lock) and will throw the rider from the motorcycle. If the front wheel is fitted with two discs for the brake, and if sudden brake is applied alone on them, the front wheel stop while the rear wheel running and in the result the rear side of the motorcycle will lift up and will throw the pillion passenger and the rider in front of the motorcycle. If rear brake only applied the bicycle will tend to move sideways of the fitted drum brake side.

Disc Brakes.

Disk brakes are operated by the hydraulic oil pressure. The disc brake system consists of large wheel disc(s), master cylinder and piston and slave piston on the caliper, hydraulic oil and reservoir. When the rider press the front brake lever in return the pistons will move forward and press the brake pads on the disc and stop the movement of the wheel.

Motorcycle ABS Brake System.

ABS Brake system prevents the wheel lock up by calculating the rotation of the wheel and applies the brake according to it. You can't pump the brake lever as in non ABS model the system will work according to the speed of the wheel and will supply the oil to control the braking power. ABS versions are little expensive but in the Super-motorcycles it is a new feature while in the commuter bikes it is an option. When a motorbike takes a corner simple ABS braking system will not function normally. Latest motorcycles are provided with cornering ABS or Internal Measurement Unit (IMU) to make cornering comfortably without locking in the wheels. They are also mentioned as Lean angle sensitive ABS, ABS Pro or Race ABS.

Dual channel ABS system.
The front and rear wheels are provided with ABS rings monitored by sensor controlled actuator. In Most of the modern motorbikes their ABS control unit used to be fitted below the seat.  Sensors are monitoring the wheels rotation with the help of the provided ABS rings. When the rider applies the brakes through the lever, the control unit decides on the braking. It provides enough braking force to stop the motorcycle without wheels locked up.

Combined Braking or Central Braking System is now available for the latest scooters where one lever push only will actuates both the brakes to be applied evenly for smooth braking power for both the front and rear wheels at a time.

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