Bajaj Motorcycle Prices.

5:17 AM 1/22/2021

┬áBajaj motorcycles are manufactured in India and exported to more than 70 countries worldwide. Recently they had introduced their eScooter “Chetak” which runs on re-chargeable battery. Earlier their two wheeler models were assembled with the Japanese engine and spare parts. Now they are manufacturing their own Engines, Spare parts and frames. Recently they have signed a new venture with KTM motorbikes and English Triumph motorcycles manufacturers to produce those motorcycles in India. Bajaj motorcycles and three wheelers are very popular in Sri Lanka for their power, endurance and performance. Bajaj Motorbikes are sold here with 2 years or 30,000 Km Warranty and it will be valid as whichever comes first. Some Bajaj models may be not available in Sri Lanka as the Dealer had discontinued them and the Sri Lanka Government too had placed import ban of them from 2020.

Bajaj Auto produces superior Motorcycles up to 400cc as commuter Two Wheelers and they used to come with Fuel Injection (FI), LED Lighting, Digital Console, ABS, CBS, single Disc brake and Twin Disc brake models. They used to provide spare parts and services through their dealer networks in India, Sri Lanka and Other countries. From 2020 onwards all their motorbikes are BS-VI complaint models (Euro-5). Meanwhile very few models are available in Sri Lanka with BS-VI norms.

Bajaj Motorcycle Price in 2021.

Pulsar NS200 More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 480,950/-
Pulsar 200 NS

Pulsar NS 200 ABS More
Sri Lanka: Rs 499,950/-
India: INR 133,250/-
Pulsar 200 NS
Pulsar NS 200 FI ABS More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 549,950/-
India: Rs 133,250/-
Pulsar 200 NS

Pulsar RS200 More
Sri Lanka: LKR. 677,950/-
India: INR 152,200/-
Pulsar 200 RS

Pulsar NS 160 FI ABS More
Sri Lanka: LKR. 466,950/-
India: INR 110,100/-
Pulsar 160 NS
Pulsar 150 Neon More
Sri Lanka: Rs 411,950/-
India: INR 94,125/-
Pulsar 150
Pulsar 150
Sri Lanka LKR 369,950/-
India: INR 101,100/-
Pulsar 150

Avenger Street 160 More
Sri Lanka: LKR 456,950/-
India: INR 102,600/-
Avenger Street 160

Discover 125 DRL More
Sri Lanka: Rs 333,950/-

Discover 125
Pulsar150 Twin Disc More
Sri Lanka: LKR 417,950/-
India: INR 105,000/-
Pulsar 150 Twin Disc
CT 100 Sri Lanka More
E/Start: Rs 265,950/-
K/Start: Rs 249,950/-

CT 100

CT 100 Alloy More
KickStart INR 47,660/-
CT110 ES INR 54 150/-
CT 100

Pulsar 180F Neon More
: 114,550/-
Bajaj Pulsar 180 Dual Disk

Pulsar NS160 Twin Disc More
India: INR 108,500/-
Pulsar 160 NS

Platina 100 More
India: ES Drum INR 59,900 - ES Disc: INR 63,580/-
Platina 100 ES
Pulsar 220F
India: INR 125,250/-
Pulsar 220F
Pulsar 125 Split Seat
India: INR 74,300/-
Disc: INR 81,250/-
Pulsar 125
Platina 100 H Gear More
India: INR 64,300/-
Platina 100 ES

Avenger Cruise 220
India: INR 124,650/-

Dominar D 250
India: INR 167,750/-
Dominar D 250

Dominar 400 More
India: INR
Dominar 400

Pulsar 125
India: INR 71,600/-(Drum)
Disc: INR 77,950/-
Pulsar 125

Pulsar NS150 More

Pulsar 150 NS

Bajaj V12 More
Bajaj V15 More

Bajaj V 12

Bajaj Discover 110 More

Discover 110 DRL

Avenger Street 180 More

Avenger Street 150

Pulsar 135 LS More

Pulsar 135 LS

Chetak eScooter

INR 125,000/-


Bajaj Pulsar Videos.
*Bajaj Motorcycle prices and specifications may change without notice.
Some Bajaj two wheeler models may be out of stock or discontinued. Contact the dealer for more information.

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