Motorcycle Carburetors.

Motorcycle carburetor is an important part and it plays a big role in the running of the motorbike and Scooters. When you buy a brand new motorbike, the carburetor comes as a fine tuned one to provide you the best performance. Fine tuning Motorbike carburetor will provide you smooth running, quick acceleration and fuel efficiency. Latest motorcycles are coming with injection system that is supported by many electronic sensors. Nearly all the new 125cc motorcycles are fitted with the latest fuel injection system. As per India regulation all the motorcycles above 125cc must be fitted with Fuel Injection (FI) to meet the BS-IV emission standard. So after some years the carburetor will be fitted only to the small motorcycles only. That is too economical reason as the Fuel Injection unit is expensive one that consists of sensors and computer technology to operate it.

Motorcycle carburetor.


The carburetor gets petrol from the tank through the gravity pressure. The nozzle (Needle) assembly in side of the carburetor vaporizes it for fire in the engine. It got mixed with the incoming air and makes it as air mixed petrol vapor that comes to fill the vacuum created by the piston in the cylinder. So the rich mixture passes in to the cylinder to be fired by the spark plug to provide the power for operation. The carburetor consists of many parts where some are preciously made like the jet Nozzle.

In the older model carburetor there are air screw and petrol vapor screws. Now the latest motorbikes and scooters are coming with a single screw to adjust the air fuel mixture. After good warm up you can adjust this screw to get the better idle speed. It is better to do the job by your mechanic. If you used to ride motorbike in the night time, then ask the mechanic to switch on the head light and to adjust to get the idle speed.

There is a choke fitted in for cold start which will reduce the air flow and make the air fuel mixture richer with petrol for easy starting.


Why the engine speed is raising when I start the motorbike in the morning?

Latest motorcycles are fitted with auto choke. In the morning start they will raise the engine speed to get it warm. Once the engine is becomes with normal temperature the auto choke will cut and the motorcycle or scooter engine will come to normal idle speed.

When I stop the motorcycle, I see petrol running from the carburetor. How to stop the petrol running out?

The carburetor’s jet needle is damaged. So it causes the petrol to be drained. This part should be replaced by your mechanic.

While riding at normal speed, the motorbike suddenly slows down. What may be the reason?

First open the drain screw of your carburetor, if water is coming through it means that was the problem. If you found water in the drain, do this procedure at least twice after some interval. The tank too should be cleaned, if there is any water.

This should solve your problem. Otherwise go to your garage and consult with them.


How Does A Motorcycle Carburetor Work?

Carburetor adjustment and its importance in bike engine performance.

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