Auto Turn Signal off, after turning.

Automatic signal off after turning your motorcycle at any junction is one of the newest devices in the market. This electronic controller is now available to the motorcycle owners all over the world. This system will switch off the motorcycles left or right signal indicator light, once the rider on the motorcycle had took the right or left turn from his route. When the motorbike rider switch on the signal indicator to take a turn, the device will notice about it and wait for to switch it off, once the turn is taken. This system can save lot of unwanted accidents and peoples' lives. Most of the motorbike riders are much exposed to road accidents due to their wrong signal indicators. That may take place due to negligence of the rider, who forget to switch off the signal after taking his turn. Most of the fast motorcycle riders concentrate on the traffic and not on their signals wrong indication. You could have seen people turning to their left while their signals indicating that they are going to turn to right side.

In Sri Lanka, motorcycle riders have a beep sound system connected to their signal flasher unit. When they switch on their Turn Signal, the peeper too will get electricity and will start to put out beep sound. After the turn the beep sound will remained the motorbike rider that the bike's signals are still working. So he can stop the turn signal on their motorbike.

Other latest commuter motorcycle features.

  • When turn signals are swiched on, a sensor will compare the front and rear wheel speed and will automatically switch off the turn signal once the turn is taken place. (When both wheels speed are equal)
  • Auto choke. This will automatically operate and make the engine to be warm in the mornings, when starting takes place.
  • Auto Head Lamp on.
  • Indicator to warn, when the side stand is in the "ON" position.
  • Clutch switch, to safe guard engine when it is engaged with the gears.
  • Auto engine switch off, when a motorbike falls down.

  • Combined or unified brake system that will operate both the rear and front brakes together with one of the lever operation.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection.
  • Ride by wire technology.

Smart Turn System

Device's hardware consist of electronic circuit with motion/position sensors and microprocessor containing software with an advanced algorithm that is capable of processing and analysing information gathered by the sensors.

Therefore the system is able to turn off the signal after completing a turn, changing lanes, exiting roundabouts, etc. On the other hand, turn signals are never canceled prematurely, since the algorithm is able to identify movement irregularities such as those caused by bumps on the road. Device installation varies from one model of motorcycle to another - however, due to simple installation process and very limited demands it can be put on virtually every model. It can be hidden under your dashboard or mounted on a visible spot. Only the best materials and components are used for production and the device has been tested in all conditions and circumstances. With the proposed patented technology all the mistakes made by inappropriate usage of turn signals can be prevented.


Self-cancelling device for motorcycle's turn signal.

By Albert Khoury.

Motorcyclists are constantly exposed to more danger than operators of other vehicles. On a bike you are more exposed and don't have the safety net provided by doors, a roof, reinforced steel beams, and roll cages. A major factor in motorcycle safety is visibility — a bike is smaller and harder to see, and even the horn can't compare to the ones found on cars. As a result, it is even more important for riders to signal their intent on the road, especially with the use of turn signals.

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Auto signal off after turning

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