Don't Ride Motorcycle in Water. (Running in Floods)

bike flooded road rides

Don't ride motorcycle through the flooded streets. Motocross (trail) Bikes can withstand the water filled roads that is too not sure. Street motorcycles are made for dry surface running and in good roads. In Sri Lanka and in many Asian country people are running their street motorcycles' in the flood waters, without knowing that it can ruin their motorcycles. You must understand that the motorcycle and most of its moving parts are fitted at low height when compared it with a Motocross or off-road model. So when running in flood water, water can enter in to the hub brakes, chain drive, Exhaust ┬ápipes and some time in to the engine's oil sump tank, if it is not air tight. Water can enter in to the motorcycle Engine too through loose oil filling cap, Chain drive seal, through gear lever seal, kick start seal and through leaking packing’s. Also the front and rear shock absorbers too can suck small amount of water in to them and in the long run the accumulated water can make corrosion on the inside parts.

This kind of water exposure will make the motorcycle parts to get tear and wear specially the chain link will lose its lubricating oil content.
If water had entered in to the oil sump, then you will have to pay large bill to replace all the moving parts of the engine side spare parts and the repair cost. .

Don't Drive Motorcycle in Water.

Further more you may fall in to ditches or large holes that are on the road, can make you to lose your balance and to fall down with your motorcycle. If the motorcycle falls in the water while its engine is running, pistons will suck water in as like a water pump. Also you can run on sharp objects that are not visible to you on the flooded roads and they can rupture your motorcycle tires.

It may be fun to run in water, can be quick to reach home. But avoid running your motorcycle in flooded waters for your safety and for the durability of your motorcycle.
If happened to run in water, take the motorcycle to your mechanic and ask him to check everything to be perfect and there is no water in the motorcycle.

Must do checks if motorcycle ran through flood.
Video. Motorbike rider is swept away by floods in India.
Motorbike riders Ignoring Flood Water. Video.
Motorbike submerged in flood. Must see Video.

Motorbike in flooded streets

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