Motorcycle Fuel Injection (FI)

5:32 AM 4/28/2021

Motorcycle Fuel Injection system is now replacing the carburetors in the motorcycle. The electronic fuel injection is little expensive but it will provide perfection combustion and nearly pure emission. As per the new Indian regulations EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) has replaced the mechanically operating carburetors in the latest Motorcycle models produced in India. In India it is compulsory for all the new motorcycle to be fitted with electronic fuel injection systems (EFI). So every single new motorcycle and scooters has to use this EFI system post 2018. This fuel injection system provides only the required amount of petrol mixture according to the riding condition. So this will help to increased mileage and cleaner emissions from the motorbike. In this year 2021 Euro5 and BS-VI Norms should apply for the New Motorcycles in Europe and India respectively. The popular 1340cc Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle was taken off the European and Indian Motorcycle market for not meeting the Euro5 and BS-VI. Now in this Year 2021, Suzuki Hayabusa is back on road in EU and India with its latest Fuel Injection (FI) system.

Fuel Injection System is designed and assembled with sensors, actuators along with Engine Control Unit. Its Sensors will detect Throttle position, temperature, atmospheric pressure and engine condition. Depending on the details, the control unit will signal to inject proper amount of fuel mixture to the motorcycle engine. Fuel Injection System will helps to achieve best engine performance at all speeds by providing proper volume of fuel and air. The amount will be calculated at 1/1000 sec based on Inlet pressure / Throttle position / Engine rotation speed and some other factors.

Pulsar 200NS Motorcycle

In India up to 2019, motorcycles were provided to the buyer to select either Carburetor or Fuel Injection fitted model to buy. The fuel injection model was priced around INR 5,000/- more than the carburetor fitted model.
Here is some importance message for the DIY Motorcycle Repair Performers.
You can play with your motorcycle's Carburetor as much as you want.
But with the FI (Fuel Injection) you can't do it as you want it. You must have very good knowledge of electronics, electronic components' measuring meters. Also there used to be 6 sensors in the system. So if you get warning light in the Digital console of your bike better to take it to the dealer.

Yamaha motorcycle marked with FI, if the machine is equipped with Fuel Injection. (It employs 6 sensors)
Example: Yamaha motorcycle FZ FI. Means F stands for four stroke, Z for racing Breed and FI means Fuel Injection.
Honda uses the PMG FI for their Two Wheelers in India.

Disadvantage of FI:
High maintenance cost.
Need good amount of Fuel in the tank.
Only can be maintained or repaired by certified Technicians only.

To meet the BS-VI all the India manufactured and imported Motorcycles and Scooters which are 150cc or higher, should be fitted with the latest Electronic Fuel Injection (FI).

First motorcycles to meet the BS-VI in 2019 were as follows.

  • Hero Karizma ZMR and Glamour125cc
  • Bajaj Dominar 400 and Pulsar NS 200 Fi
  • KTM Duke 200 and Duke 250
  • Honda CBR 150 R and CBR 250 R
  • Yamaha FZ (FI), FZS (FI), YZF R15 (S & Version 2,3), Fazer FI and Fazer 25,
  • Suzuki Gixxer FI
  • Kawasaki Z250SL ABS (DFI - Digital Fuel Injection)
  • TVS Apache RTR 180 & 200 4V (FI versions)

Check this video.

Fuel Injector

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