Rent a Motorcycle in Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka Prices

This service is best suitable for foreign Tourists.

Get on a motorcycle and explore Sri Lanka with it. This trip will allow you to mingle with the local people and will alow you to taste the local foods, drinks and fruits. You got different terrains by the side of waterfalls, creeks, mountains, dry land, tea trails and many more for you to ride through along with scenic views in this virgin land. This is sunny land except for the up-country where you can experience dense mist and fog in the mornings.

Honda Baja - 250CC
Honda XR 250 Baja
Bajaj Pulsar - 180CC
Bajaj Pulsar
Honda LA Custom - 250CC
Honda LA Custom 250CC
Honda - XR250
Honda XR250
Honda Baja - 250CC
Honda XR 250 Baja
  • Rent a bike in Colombo, Negombo or Kandy or from any other city. (If not Negombo transport charges will apply.).
  • These Motorbikes are well maintained ones. (Popular with the tourists are Honda Baja 250 cc motorbikes.)
  • If you need Touring motorcycle or scooter for rent, they are available for rent on daily, weeklyand monthly basis.
  • Visit the office and get the bike or request to deliver it at the Colombo airport or at your hotel. (Service charges will apply.)
  • If you want, hotel rooms and Guest house for the night rest throughout your tour can be arranged at reasonable price..

Read the safety regulations of motorbike riding in Sri Lanka.

Rent a bike in Sri Lanka
  • Rider who is going to hire the bike, must be more than 21 years old, must bring a valid Motorcycle license from his own country.
  • Must ride in a row, not in group.
  • Must observe the road signs and follow them.
  • It is against the law to use mobile phone while riding.
  • Will assist you to obtain a temporary local driving license.
  • It is necessary to have a refundable deposit for the machine and accessories.
  • Riding the motorbike is only meant for the person who hires it.
  • Rider and the pillion rider must always wear their helmets.
  • The Deposit and the rental on rent a bike fee should be paid in advance.
  • Third party liability is fully covered by the insurance
  • Revenue license for the current year of the bike is already paid.
  • The rider or the renter should have their own Insurance coverage.
  • Hirer is responsible for the motorbike and the security of it.
  • The hirer of the motor-cycle is liable to pay damages to the bike caused by accidents or by any other mode.
  • If you are coming in more than 4 riders, can get tour guide, mechanic and a backup vehicle on daily rental basis. (Can keep your belongings in the Jeep)

Rent a bike in Sri Lanka

Please reserve your bike at least one month prior to your arrival.

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