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5:30 AM 4/29/2021

Rent a guide in Sri Lanka to explore this tropical island nation while you are on Holidays here. As Sri Lanka offers many things cheaper than other countries getting a Guide is too a cheaper one. And this is helpful to you and your family while wandering here in remote areas. Most of the Guides and Tourist Drivers are certified by the Sri Lanka Government Tourist authorities. Plenty of them can speak many foreign languages to help visiting tourists who lack to speak in English. Sri Lanka is now emerging as one of the top tourist destinations in the South East Asia. There are lots of Star class hotels are being built to accommodate the arrival of increasing number of tourists to this Island. Want to travel deserted areas or in too deep jungles? It is better to hire a local tourist guide to take you around that place. Some time you may not have phone coverage in the remote areas and it may be difficult to find the correct route.

Kinds of Tourist Guides in Sri Lanka.

  • Motorcycle Tour Guide
  • Hot Air Ballooning Guide
  • Golf Tour Guide.
  • Wind Surfing and Body Surfing Guide.
  • Snorkeling Guide.
  • City Tour Guide
  • Sri Lanka Tour Guide.
  • Scuba Diving Guide
    Most of the tour Guides have Motorcycle and vehicle driving licenses.

Motorcycle and Scooter Tour Guide.

Sri Lanka offers you with lot of interesting places to visit and got different kinds of terrains all over the island. If you want to explore them with a motorcycle or scooter, then get in to a group tour pack. People here speak Sinhala and Tamil languages. Most of them can understand and speak English, but their accent is far different from American, Australian and European ones. So it is essential to have a local guide with you when you are riding through each corners of the island. If you are riding in a group then you can hire the guide with a backup vehicle and a mechanic. These guides will help you to find suitable clean places for to get food or to find hotels or guest houses for you to peaceful night rest. He will take you to good hygienic food providing restaurants and eateries. Furthermore he knows about good road side stops with restrooms, gas stations and shopping centers. Also they will not allow unwanted sellers, promoters coming near to you. They will guide you to good motorcycle workshop, if there are minor repairs.

Golf Tour Guide.

Golf tour guides are available with cars and are fluent in speaking many foreign languages like French, Spanish, German, Dutch and many more. They know about the top Golf Clubs in Sri Lanka and are familiar with getting membership for the visitors and hiring Golf Equipments, Caddy and ball spotters. These guides know how to entertain the guests in night time when they are free to spend their time. Also they know shortest distances in between the Golf Clubs. If the foreign Golfer is ready to spend, the Guide can hire a Helicopter to travel in between cities.

Scuba Diving Guide.

He can take you to diving spots in the Island and can assist you in getting suitable accommodation in the nearby areas with food. Also he can guide you to hire diving apparatus and boats to travel to the diving spot in the ocean. Also he knows about the details of the sunken ships and their locations around the Sri Lanka coastal areas. He can guide you to get permissions to enter in to restricted areas.

Wind Surfing and Body Surfing Guide.

Surfing guide you can tell about the unknown locations for the common people. They know special breaking points; isolated beaches with roaring waves can be pointed by them. Also they will stay with you in the sea as a look out while you are surfing. If you ask them don't disturb, then they will sit on the beach but will have their eyes on you while you are in the water.

We believe one guide is a must for you to tour around Sri Lanka as it is safe and helpful to save on money. Also they will not allow people who want to sell merchandise or services.

What else Guide can offer to you?

  • Well maintained Motorcycles available on daily rental basis.
  • Unlimited Mileage.
  • Comprehensive Insurance coverage (Full Insurance)
  • Emergency Road support,
  • Free - Free without rental charge. (Following to be returned when returning Motorbike.)
  • Two Helmets provided with each bike
  • Bungees
  • Tool Kit
  • Locks
  • Road Map/Tour briefing - places to Travel.

Agents can deliver the bike to your hotel for a small fee.
Also GPS, Jacket, Gloves - Available for rent.

Useful Web: Ceylontusker

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