Sri Lanka Traffic Police.

6:12 AM 4/30/2021

Sri Lanka traffic police is enforcing the road laws of Sri Lanka to help its citizens and the visiting foreigners. They used to go on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, Motocross, specially marked cars, jeeps and on mounted horses. With this high number of vehicles on the road they used to work tireless to make the traffic flow smoothly all over the island. In the year 2018 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided 11 land cruiser, 10 Yamaha XT 250cc trail motorbikes and 10 numbers of Yamaha FJR 1300cc motorbikes to the Sri Lanka Police Department to enhance their service to the general public. In the meantime they are making tight security check on suspicious vehicles. During the National Holidays most of them don't celebrate the day with their families as many of them used to stop and check drivers for drunk driving.

In this year 2020 Sri Lanka police are tougher on drivers and Motorcycle riders who are violating the traffic laws and making the traffic flow to be affected. Bus lanes are meant for busses only. Those bike riders are instantly given traffic violation ticket for riding on the pedestrians walking payments. Recently they announced that the vehicles are parked in the NO Parking Areas will be towed out and the owner must bear the cost of that action and if any damaged occurred to the vehicle too should be met by the vehicle owner.

Sri Lanka traffic police

For the safety and assistance to visiting tourists Sri Lanka Government decided to strength of their Tourist Police Force with latest communication and transport faculty to check around the destinations like Nuwara Eliya, Sigiriya, Arugam Bay, Hikkaduwa and other top tourist destinations. Law and Order Ministry officials of the Sri Lanka government had provided 18 new motor bikes and four all-terrain vehicles to the tourist police recently. Sri Lanka’s tourism industry is enjoying as the leading foreign exchange earner with an increasing number of tourists. China tourists are Sri Lanka’s second largest market with 249,000 Chinese tourists’ arrivals in the year 2018 alone.

As a motorcycle rider you too must obey the road rules to avoid being charged by them for any traffic violations. On the traffic motorcycle section they have the skill to ride on their latest 600cc powered machines and to chase and catch any traffic law offenders anywhere in the island.

They respect the foreign tourists who are riding motorcycle on the Sri Lankan roads. But the traffic police require them to follow the law of the country. Most of the tourists like to ride their motorbikes as a group in parallel on the middle of the road. But the traffic police used to ask them to ride one behind one without obstructing the other vehicles use the road. This is to make the traffic movement free on the roads.

From this year onwards Sri Lanka Police is going to be tough with some type of Traffic violators.
The first one will be drunk driving. (This may result in revoke of the person's driving license.)
Driving without valid driving license or with expired driving license and insurance is a violation. (These will carry a heavy fine and will be doubled for repeated violation.)
Police will be tough on motorcycle riders who are ridding without Helmets.
Those motorcycle riders who are riding motorbikes with high exhaust sound too will be prosecuted.
Road Racing for motorcycles organized by Facebook friends too are prohibited one.

Police Force Contact numbers:

Read More Here: Traffic Police

Sri Lanka Police Motobike

Sri Lanka Police Motocross Bike

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