Washing Motorcycle.

5:43 AM 5/7/2021

Washing Motorcycle or cleaning it thoroughly is required regularly to keep it in good condition. If you are living near sea side area or used to ride near to the beach it is important to wash it frequently. The salty content from the sea water can attack the metal parts and make them to be rusted. So wash the motorbike once every 7 days with fresh water. Before to wash the motorcycles cover the switches and consoles with plastic and then wash them. Then remove the plastic and clean those areas with wet clothes. Give enough time for the water to dry otherwise if you try to start the machine the fuse may blow. If your motorcycle comes with the full chain cover, then check and clean the small passage at the bottom end of the chain cover to drain out the water accumulated inside of it. Through this hole, the accumulated water and oil can drain out otherwise there are chances for the chain cover to become rusted.

Don't spray water direct in to the switch consoles, meter consoles and on lights as the water can go through the gaps and can make your fuses to blow. Also they can make the switches to be rusted. With rusted signal switch it is difficult to switch on the signal lights. If your signal lights are tough and difficult to move, then by a can of WD-40 spray and spray it in to the switch console. This will make the switch movement back to smooth level.

When washing motorbike, take care of the air suction pipe as the water may enter in to the air chamber and can damage the paper filter inside of it.
Before water washing the engine, check whether the spark plugs rubber weather guards are there, if not the water can go in the spark plug fitting area. This can make rust around the area. Later it may be difficult to remove the sprk plug, when you want to replace it or clean the spark plug.

Oil on the Body.

If there are oil sediments around the engine, then visit your mechanic to see whether there are any loosen bolts on the cover or any packing damage on the Engine cover. There are lots of motorcycle washing liquids are available in plastic bottles. It can be purchased from spare parts shops and from the Super markets. Mix it in the water according to the instructions. If you have wounds in your hand don't use these liquids as they can delay the healing time of the wounds. Also when you give it to mechanic for service ask them to do a full water wash. They use high pressure water washing system for better cleaning of the motorcycle.

Read your motorbike's instruction manual clearly and understand the content before you start to wash your motorcycle by yourself. Because there are many sensitive points such as fuel injection, ABS calibration and other things are controlled by electronic devices in the latest super motorcycles. The water wash can affect their normal functions. So take utmost care for them, when you want to giva wash to your motorcycle.

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