Harley Davidson, the Great Motorcycle.

10:01 AM 9/28/2020

Harley davidson

Harley Davidson the legendary American motorcycle that is now available in India for you to enjoy its power on roads. The Company have their assembling plants in India from the year 2009 onwards. This motorcycle's original parts are made in the USA and brought to India for assembling purpose. A fully assembled motorcycle from the USA will face a 100% tax at the ports of India when it arrives. This law is to protect the India's motorcycle production. So this law of India in introduced to curb against the foreign motorcycle import. Currently Harley-Davidson is working hard on their electric motorcycle Project Livewire. Mean while from September 2020 Harley Davidson is stopping production and sales in India. This action was taken due to poor sales of their motorcycles in India. But they have plans to return back to India alone or with some other India motorcycle dealers. On the other hand Harley Davidson motorcycle prices are very high in India and the motorbikes are in superior quality provided with fine technology.

Most of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles are for road riding and are called as cruiser. They come with superb engine with smooth running while the rider and the pillion can seat comfortably. The company had sold nearly 33,000 units within the Asia region alone.

2020 Model: Fat Boy 114. 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Model.
USA Price: US$ 20,599
2020 Model: Fat Boy 114 Price: US$ 18,799
The hero of road-commanding cruisers.
Number of motorcycle in production: 2500 Numbers.
Engine: Milwaukee-Eight® 114
Displacement: 114 cu in
Fuel System: Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Exhaust: 2-into-2 staggered; catalyst in muffler
Estimated City/Hwy
Fuel Economy: 47 mpg

The newest motorcycle from them in India this year 2020 is Harley-Davidson Street 750 INR 531,000 + and Harley-Davidson Street Rod INR 651,000 +

Harley Davidson Street 750

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Price.

Street 750
USA: US$ 7,599
India: INR 432,500
Harley Davidson Street 750

Iron 883
USA: US$ 8,999
India: INR 737,000
Harley Davidson Iron 883

CVO Limited
US$ 44,039
India: INR 4950,000
Harley Davidson CVO Limited

US$ 20,499
India: INR 1630,500
Harley Davidson Breakout

America: US$ 11,299
India: INR 882,000
Harley Davidson Forty Eight

Fat Boy
US$ 20,599
India: INR 1508,500
Harley Davidson Fat Boy

Night Rod Special
India: INR 22,02,000
Harley Davidson Night Rod Special

Fat Bob
India: INR 1303,500
US$ 18,799

Harley Davidson Fat Bob

India: INR 632,000
Harley Davidson Superlow

India: INR 970,000
USA: US$ 11,499
Harley Davidson Roadster

Road King
India: INR 2500,000
US$ 18,499

Harley Davidson Road King

Street Bob
US$ 14,499
India: INR 1037,000
Harley Davidson Street Bob

1200 Custom
India: INR 890,000
Harley Davidson 1200 Custom

Heritage Softail
India: INR 1645,500
US$ 15,999

Harley Davidson Heritage Softailg

Street Glide Special
India: INR 2991,000
Harley Davidson Street Glide Special

Road Glide Special
India: INR 3281,000
US$ 27,699

Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

Street Rod
US$ 8,699
INR 586,000
Harley Davidson Street Rod

Iron 1200
USA: US$ 9,999

Harley Davidson Iron 1200

2020 Harley- Davidson Motorcycle Video.
Source: Harley-Davidson USA.

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