Scooter Prices.

Scooter prices are going little more expensive due to the added features.. Italy and Japan offer good priced scooters that are manufactured there rather than the scooters that are available in the USA price wise. In India too lot of youngmen, educated girls and women prefer scooters for commuting purpose. It can be to their office or college. In Sri Lanka young women and young men are using these scooters to commute for work and to do other tasks like taking children for to school or to do shopping. Most of the latest scooters are promoted as racing models with large luggage compartment. On the technical side they are provided with disc brakes and CBS braking system, Even some models are cpoming with ABS braking system. AHO, mobile phone charger port, side stand warning notification, full metal body and many more features. Latest models are coming with Bluetooh onnection for more information on maps and trips. Also each scooter model offer lot of color selection for the buyer to select from. BS-6 Scooters in India are Honda Activa 125 and TVS Jupiter. Mean while this BS-6 will affect Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries.

Electric Scooters.

In India electric scooters powered by Lithium Ion battery is entering in to the market. These models allow quick battery charging and battery swap features. Batteries are coming in light weight and more powerful to travel more distance with the charge. No more gears, oil, petrol or smoke.

2020 Scooter Prices.

From April 2020 onwards all two wheelers sold in India must meet the Indian government's mandatory requirement such as BS-VI compliant, combined brake system for two-wheeler with less than 125cc engine and ABS is mandated for motorbikes using above 125cc engine capacity. On larger motorbikes electronic control unit will distribute hydraulic pressure between front and rear brakes. The combined anti lock braking system is called C-ABS. Due to meet these improvements, all the scooters will be priced at little higher price than the 2019 models. But it is worth as it will safeguard your life and others who are using the streets.

Kick start model scooters are cheaper than the Self-Start and Kick Start combined models. Current model scooter drive uses the CVT belt method to provide continues power. Latest TVS scooter console is connected to the users' Smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity to give the rider lot of features through the display screen. Even the rider can get SMS messages in to the scooter's Digital Console while riding it.

Combined braking system called IBS (integrated Braking system).

  • Honda CBS - Combi Brake System.
  • Yamaha UBS. Yamaha Motors Unified Braking System is their Combined Braking System (CBS),
  • TVS SBS. TVS Motors call it as Sync Brake System.
  • Suzuki CBS. Combi-braking system (CBS).
  • Bajaj calls their combined braking system as Anti Skid Braking system (ASD)
  • Hero MotoCorp. Combined braking system or CBS is marketed as Integrated Braking System (iBS)

Yamaha Scooter Price.

Fascino Rs 255,900/-
Alpha Drum Rs 241,900/-
Alpha Disk Rs 257,900/-
Ray ZR Drum Rs 259,900/-
Ray ZR Disk Rs 269,900/-
Ray ZR DarKnight Rs 272,900/-
Ray ZR Street Rally Rs 278,900/-
Alpha Rs 247,900/-

2019 Honda Scooters.

Honda Activa-i Rs 231,500/-
Honda Dio Rs 262,900/-
Dio DX Rs 269,900/-
Activa 3G Rs 215,900/-
Aviator Drum Rs 245,900/-
Aviator Disk Rs 256,900/-
Grazia Rs 279,900/-

2019 Suzuki Scooters.

Access Disk Rs 265,900/-
Access Drum Rs 257,900/-
Lets Drum Rs 234,900/-

2019 Hero Scooters.

Hero Dash Rs 220,990/-
Hero Destiny Rs 279,500/-
Duet Rs 229,990/-
Maestro Edge Rs 230,000/-
Splendor iSMART 110 Rs 227,000/-
Hero Pleasure Alloy wheel Rs 225,000/-
Pleasure Black Wheel Rs 235,000/-
Hero Dash LX Rs 225,000/-
Dash VX Rs 230,000/-
Duet LX Rs 220,000/-
Hero Maestro Edge Rs 252,000/-

2019 TVS Scooters.

TVS Ntorq 125 Rs 254,900/-
Wego Rs 226,900/-
Wego Sync Brake System Rs 242,300/-
Zest Rs 233,900/-
Pep Plus Rs 219,500/-

VESPA Scooter Prices.

Vespa LX Rs 350,000/-
VXL 125 Rs 375,000/-
SXL 125 Rs 378,000/-
VXL 150 Rs 389,000/-
SXL 150 Rs 424,000/-
ELEGANT 150 Rs 450,000/-
Dealers Offer Free Registration, Insurance Policy and 5 Free Services.
Warranty: 24,000 Km or for 2 Years

Aprilia Scooter Price as of 7:01 PM 09/22/2019

Aprilia Scooter SR 125 Rs 309,990/-
SR 150 - Rs. 365,000/-
SR 150 Race (Special Edition) - Rs. 367,000/-
SR 150 Carbon Black (With ABS) - Rs.425,000/-

Demak Explorer Rs 425,000/-

Sri Lanka Girls and Scooters.


*Prices may change without notice.

    Scooter Price

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