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Honda 250 Hornet

Motorcycle and Scooters are used by lot of people in Asia along with Sri Lanka to commute to offices and to do daily chores. Most of them are 100 – 150 cc engine powered machines. Motorbikes are used as summer time vehicle for pleasure touring and for racing purpose in North America, Europe and Australia with 1000cc powered engines. Professional riders are using motorbikes for to compete in the racing tracks and for stunt purposes. Most of the International Motorbike champions do come from America, Europe and Japan in the superbike class. In Sri Lanka Honda CB250F (Hornet 250) is considered as the dream bike of lot of young people. Now people are looking for bikes with shouldered (Elevated or sculpted) petrol tanks, mid-ship silencers, and beautiful graphics on them with special exhaust sound. Metallic and matte colors are very popular with the users in India and other parts of the world. Trail bikes are too are used by young men for off-road action and for Motocross Racing. These Trail bikes can’t be used on streets unless they are certified as street legal ones. Buyers can select 4 Stroke or 2 Stroke models. In the meantime there is chain driven, shaft driven and belt driven models too are available from the motorcycle dealer depending on the size of the engine.

Year 2022 is going to come in short time. Already there are lot of 2022 year model motorcycles are announced by the producers. Most of these motorcycles are little expensive than the year 2020 models as most of them have new designs. It includes updated Engines, latest ABS Braking system; LED Lighting, Assist and Slipper clutch too are provided to the latest 2022 models.

Currently there is a shortage for Brand new Motorcycles and Scooters in Sri Lanka. This is because Sri Lanka Government had stopped importing of the motorbikes and scooters to save on foreign currency. Some dealers are buying old Motorcycles and recondition them and are selling them with 3 months warranty. Sri Lanka doesn’t have any Motorcycle factories or assembling plants. All the two wheelers are imported from India, Japan, Italy and other countries. The importing companies and the individual must pay the import and related taxes to the Government. And these bikes must pass the Sri Lanka Vehicle Emission Testing Program according to So far there is no announcement from the LK Government, that when they are going to lift the import ban

Motorcycle and Scooter Prices in 2021.

Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped Prices in 2021 is not steady due to Corona Virus affected production and Sri Lanka Rupees value against the US Dollar. Also some popular model Bike's prices are high as the dealers make their profit margin high on the sales. So far there is no shortage of motorbike spare parts but if the Corona Virus effect goes high, then there may be spare parts shortage may occur.

In Sri Lanka currently Yamaha, Honda, Bajaj, Suzuki, Hero, Mahindra, Aprilia, Vespa, KTM and TVS brands are leading in the motorcycle and scooter sales. 100cc and 150cc motorcycles are selling in good numbers while KTM, Suzuki, Bajaj, Yamaha and TVS are selling 350cc motorcycles in good numbers. 150cc size motorcycles with elevated fuel tanks and fairing is popular with the younger generation. On the other hand 125 and 100cc motorcycles and scooters too are selling in good numbers for their fuel efficiency and comfort ridding. On the scooter sales Honda, Yamaha, TVS and Hero are performing good sales in Sri Lanka. Most of the young girls and women prefer Scooters while young men in cities too prefer to buy them for to travel to offices, schools and shops.

Larger capacity motorcycle Engines are cooled by Liquid or Oil. Meanwhile some models even have facility to cool the engine oil in the sump too. So these motorbikes can go on long runs at high speed. Most of the small engines come with the air cooling system through the engine body fins. Latest motorcycles are provided with Tubeless Tyre and in case of puncture, air pressure goes down slowly. New scooters and motorcycles are connected with the riders’ Smartphone through Bluetooth technology and the company’s Apps. This allows the rider to get lot of information on their Two Wheeler. Also rider can get turn by turn navigation instructions on the Instrument console, along with phone call and SMS alerts.

Sri Lanka Motorcycle License.

Motorcycle rider license are available for scooters and motorcycles as under 100cc capacity and over 100cc capacity. Those who want to get a motorcycle or scooter license must pass the written and the practical examinations after proofing age and their health through medical examination. In most of the countries, you will have to apply for a learner rider license from the authorities before you to go on learning a motorcycle on a street. Sri Lanka too applies such a learner driving permit. It should be renewed every 5 year period before it expires. Visiting tourists can obtain temporary motorcycle driving license, if they have their own country riding license. It is valid for 6 months only.

Two wheelers and Three Wheelers are not allowed to ride in the country’s Expressways. It is a crime punishable under the country’s law. In Sri Lanka under 250cc motorcycle is the legally allowed street motorbike.

Honda BikeKawasai Bike

Legal Requirements for to use Motorbikes on the Streets.

Governments require all the motorcycles and Scooters to be registered with them.
Every year they must renew their revenue License.
All the motorbikes and Scooters must have their manufacturers' Chassis number and Engine serial number on them.
They must have Government issued number plate in the front and rear.
They must pass the Green Test annually.
All of them must have valid revenue License and third party Insurance policy.
Two Wheeler riders and the pillion passengers must wear certified motorcycle safety helmets.
Loud noise producing Exhaust pipes and Funny Horns should not be fitted on the Motorcycles.

Department of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka.
Phone +94 112 518 926, +94 706 354 124, +94 706 354 134, +94 706 354 123

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