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4:21 PM 1/21/2024

Honda 250 Hornet

Motorcycles and Scooters are used by lot of people in Sri Lanka to commute to offices and to do their daily chores. Now TVS Ntorq scooter, Bajaj Discover 125 and Bajaj CT100 motorcycles are being sold in Sri Lanka as brand new ones. Now people are looking for bikes with shouldered (Elevated or sculpted) petrol tanks, mid-ship silencers, and beautiful graphics on them with special exhaust sound. Metallic and matte colors are very popular with the users in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other parts of the world. Trail bikes too are used by young men for to ride Adventure, off-road action and for Motocross Racing. These Trail bikes can’t be used on streets unless they are certified as street legal ones. Buyers can select 4 Stroke, 2 Stroke models, electric two wheelers or E-Bicycles. In the meantime there is chain, shaft and belt driven models too are available in the market from the manufacturer depending on the power of the engine. A good electric cycle is priced around Rs 250,000/- in Sri Lanka.

Note: Sri Lanka had removed the QR Code (Quick Response Code) Based Fuel Pass system for buying petrol from petrol stations.
In this year 2024, petrol price and Motorcycle Spare parts had gone up in Sri Lanka due to Govenment's new VAT (18%) implementation.
In addition in this year 2024, there is no chance for to buy Brand New motorcycles or Scooters from the dealers in Sri Lanka.

As of today 1/21/2024, Sri Lanka petrol price is Rs 366/- Per Liter

Honda Bike

Legal requirements for to use Motorbikes on the streets.

Governments require all the motorcycles and Scooters to be registered with them.
Every year they must renew their revenue icense.
All the motorbikes and Scooters must have their manufacturers' Chassis number and Engine serial number on them.
Additionally, they must have Government issued number plate in the front and rear.
In addition,all the two wheelers must pass the Green Test every year
Furthermore, Two Wheeler riders must have valid Driving, revenue License and third party Insurance policy with them.
Motorcycle and Scooter riders along with the pillion passengers must wear certified motorcycle safety helmets.
Loud noise producing Exhaust system and Funny Horns should not be fitted on the Motorcycles.
In Sri Lanka Motorcycles that are with or less than 250cc ONLY will be allowed to use on the roads.

Department of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka.
Phone +94 112 518 926, +94 706 354 124, +94 706 354 134, +94 706 354 123


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