Electric Motorcycles.

Electric Motorcycles are now becoming as a popular topic with motorcycle enthusiasts. Most of the Electric Motorcycles are coming with the facility to re-charge their Lithium Batteries through the house hold electricity. Even some models are coming with battery swap facility. In the USA, There is a big competition is going between the Electric Motorcycle manufacturers. In Sri Lanka there is lot of Electric scooters and Motorcycles are available for sale. These electric motorcycles are available for grown up people and for young children. Most of these Electric bikes are brought from China which can be re-charged with house hold electricity power.

Okinawa Electric Scooters from India. Here.

All the American Electric Motorcycles are made to be Re-Charge their batteries with house holed electricity. Some manufacturers offer quick charging chargers to their customers. Some American electric motorcycles are coming with the battery swapping facility too.

Zero Electric Motorcycles.

Zero electric bike

Zero Electric motorcycles are real competitors in the USA. They are available at around US$ 19,000. They are now introducing power Tank for extra mileage. They can do 223 miles at good speed. These motorbikes are becoming popular in the USA and Europe. Zero Motorcycles had produced 4 different models such as,

  • Zero S | SF - Naked Street. Ideal for everyday riding, Up to 359 km range. Can get top speed of 124 mph.
  • DS | DSR - Powerful Versatility
  • FX - Lean and Mean
  • FXS - Stealthy Super motorcycle
  • Zero motorcycle offers Bluetooth enabled connectivity for both iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • Zero Electric motorcycle official Website.

Energica Electric Motorcycle.

Three models of electric motorcycles are available from them.

  • Eva
  • Ego
  • EVA EsseEsse9
  • Energica Official Website

Lightning Electric Superbike is available in the USA between the prices of US$ 38,888 up to US$ 46 889 depending on the battery capacity.
This Lightening Electric Superbike LS218 can achieve a top speed of 218 Km/h.

Lightining ls 2018

Official website of Lightning Electric Motorcycle. lightningmotorcycle.com

LiveWire Electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson electric wire

Harley Davidson is the American motorcycle Manufacturer and they had provided the LiveWire Electric motorcycle to the world. Already this motorcycle had been displayed in many motor shows throughout the world. As per the Harley Davidson Company the Live wire electric version will be available from 2019 onwards. Price in America: US$ 29,799.
Live Wire the electric motorcycle from Harley Davidson is now available for pre-order while it will be officially launched byb August 2019 in the USA. It can do 0 mph to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds and it can do 110 miles (177KM). A newly released H-D Connect Service will revel all the related aspects of the motorcycle.


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