Electric Motorcycles.

8:27 AM 4/20/2020

Electric Motorcycles are now becoming as a popular topic with the motorcycle enthusiasts. Most of the Electric Motorcycles are coming with the facility to re-charge their light weight lithium-ion Batteries through the house hold electricity. Even some models are coming with battery swap facility. In the USA, there is a big competition is going between the Electric Motorcycle manufacturers. Nearly all the electric battery operated scooters are available with reversing facility for to assist its parking. In Sri Lanka there is lot of Electric scooters and Motorcycles are available for sale. These electric motorcycles are available for grown up people and for young children. Most of these Electric bikes are brought from China which can be re-charged with the house hold electricity power. In India the electric scooters and motorcycles are priced around INR 100,000/- with different electronic engine sounds.

Tork Electric Motorcycle was introduced in India by November 2019. Check here.

Revolt Electric Motorbike More
RV 400: Rs 100,000/

Revolt Electric Motorbike
ZERO Elec Motorbike More
ZERO DS: US$ 10,995+

Zero electric motorbike
Okinawa Electric Scooter More
Sri Lanka: Rs 220,000
India: Rs 71,460

Okinawa Electric Scooter
Hero Electric More
NYX HS500: Rs 65,000/

Hero Electric Scooters
Ather Electric Scooter More
Ather 450: Rs 123,000/-

Ather electric scooter
Livewire E-Motorbike More
USA Price: US$ 29,799+

Livewire electricmotorcycle
  Bajaj E-Scooter More
India: INR 125,000/-


All the latest American and Indian Electric Motorcycles are designed to re-charge their batteries with house holed electricity. Some manufacturers offer quick charging chargers to their customers. Meanwhile some electric motorcycles and scooters are coming with battery swapping facility.

Energica Electric Motorcycle.

Three models of electric motorcycles are available from them.

  • Eva
  • Ego
  • EVA EsseEsse9
  • Energica Official Website

Lightning Electric Superbike is available in the USA between the prices of US$ 38,888 up to US$ 46 889 depending on the battery capacity.
This Lightening Electric Superbike LS218 can achieve a top speed of 218 Km/h.

Lightining ls 2018

Official website of Lightning Electric Motorcycle. lightningmotorcycle.com


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