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Zero Electric Motorbikes.

1:28 PM 1/26/2024

Zero Electric motorcycle

Zero E-Motorbike Price
USA : US$ 12,995+
UK Price: £12,440 +

Zero Electric motorcycles are recommended as the best Electric motorcycle brands in the USA. All over the world due to its unmatched performance and its best features its sales are going very high. These electric motorbikes are available at the price range of around US$ 9,000 up to US$ 19,000 in America and in the developed countries. Already the company had introduced a power Tank to their latest models to provide electric power to get extra mileage on the run. The models comes with light weight batteries and ABS braking system. Normally they can do around 223 miles at normal speed on good road condition. Zero Electric motorcycle Headquarters is located in Scotts Valley, California, USA was founded in the year 2006.These motorbikes are becoming popular in the USA and European countries. Additionally Zero Motorcycle Company is producing 6 different models for the USA, EU and Australia markets.Zero Electric Motorcycles may be expensive one but they are superior in providing power with full safty features. This also technically advanced electric motorcycle with lot of rider assist gadgets. It is so cheap when going to do maintenance wotk on Zero E-motorcycles. Actually this motorbikes are good for experienced riders in the USA.

In October 2023, Zero electric motorcycle prices were reduced by around US $1,000 to $4,500. It goes with Zero’s premium models whixh receives the most significant price drops.

Zero Electric Two Wheeler Features.

Rapid Charging : Full Charge in as fast as 1hr.
Low-to-No Maintenance : Fluidity Without The Fluids.
223 miles Peak Range : SFO To Sacramento, Roundtrip.
No Clutch. No Gears. Just Go. 124mph Top Speed
Advanced Motorcycle Performance Customization :  Cypher Iii+
Instant Torque :  Up To 140ft/Lbs of Torque.
Riding modes: Sport, Street, Eco, Rain and Canyon.

These E-Bikes are available over 9 countries worldwide. The company says that these E-Bike owners don't need to buy gas, no clutch replacement, no oil filters, no cables to oil, not necessary to change engine oil or to check oil level, no need to check valve clearance, no air filter change or to check and replace spark plugs on their motorcycle. Zero motorbike can access any outlet in your home with the included EVSE cable. Plug it into your nearest outlet in home. They offer Bluetooth enabled connectivity for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Zero Motorcycle App.

  • Bluetooth enabled connectivity for both iPhone and Android mobile devices are provided on these motorbikes.
  • Adjustable motorcycle performance to enable sportier or more economical riding
  • Customizable display reports precise state of charge and real-time power usage while riding
  • Owners of 2017-2020 models can use the Zero Motorcycles App to update their motorcycle's firmware, saving time, money and service trips.


Rapid Charger price : US$ 2,300

Zero Mobile App/

Zero Electric motorbike Models.

  • Zero SR/F Price: US$ 20,495+ (124 MPH, 200 Mile Range with Power Tank)
  • SR/S Price: US$ 20,995
  • SR Price: US$ 18,595
  • SF Price: US$ 18,595
  • S Price: US$ 11,595
  • FXE Price: US$ 12,195
  • FXS Price: US$ 9,795
  • ZF Price: US$ 23,995
  • Z-Force Price: US$ 14,995

Dual Sports Bike

  • DSR/X Price: US$ 22,995
  • DS Price: US$ 12,995
  • FX Price: US$ 12,995

Here are some facts about the ZERO SR

  • Optimal Charge Time: 78 Minutes
  • Top speed (max): 104 mph
  • Peak Torque: 122 ft-lb
  • With Power Tank + ERC: 227 mile range
  • Low maintenance: 100% electric powertrain
  • Operating system: Cypher IIi+
  • Transmission: Clutchless direct drive
  • Weight: 489 lb
  • Generation 9 ABS: Bosch
  • Seat height: 31.0 in
  • Power pack warranty: 5 years/unlimited miles.

In Sri Lanka some people are having the US made Tesla Electric Cars, like that Sri Lanka rich people can buy this ZERO electric motorcycle too for their use and pride. Anyhow this Electric Motorcycle is not an affordable one for the common man in Sri Lanka at its price for commuting.

Zero E-Motorbike Video 1 : 2 | Source.

ZERO Scooters.

ZERO line of electric scooters offer the most affordable high performance scooters in the market.This company was established in the year 2018, ZERO Scooters are available as board models at affordable price.

Entry level Zero 8 Price: US$ 699
Zero 9 E scooter Price: US$ 999
E Scooter Zero 10 Price: US$ 1,449
Compact Zero 8X Two Wheel Drive Price: US$ 1,999
Zero 10X 2 Wheel Drive E-Scooter Price: US$ 1,900
Electric Scooter Zero 11X Price: US$ 4,250

Zero Electric motorcycle from USA

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