Yamaha Motorbike Price.

8:21 PM 7/23/2021


Yamaha motorbike price and their scooter prices are available here. All the Yamaha Two Wheelers are meeting the BS-VI norms in India. Yamaha Bikes became very popular in Sri Lanka after the introduction of their Fazer and FZ models. Their current models are manufactured with aggressive design, shouldered tank, mid-ship muffler, cowls, ABS, Slipper clutch and with improved power output. Recently in India they started to introduce MotoGP style and Racing Style models from their production line. Yamaha Superbikes and Supersports models mostly priced in US$ for the world market. While in India Yamaha bikes and Scooters are marked in INR and in Sri Lanka they are marked in Rs. In Sri Lanka bike prices heavily depends on US$ and LK Rupees conversion rate, import tax and Dealers profit margin. Here in Sri Lanka most of the buyers prefer the monthly installment plan that starts with a down payment. The buyer can pay the remaining motorbike or scooter price on 36 months installments. In the meantime Sri Lanka Government had imposed import restrictions on motor vehicles, motorcycles and scooters which also had affected the import of Yamaha Motorcycles and Scooters in to Sri Lanka. Currently very few numbers of new motorcycles and Scooters are available for sale here. Due to this people are not selling their Yamaha Motorbike or Scooters as they can't purchase a new one from the dealer. Recently Yamaha Sri Lanka has decided to sale reconditioned Yamaha Two Wheelers in Sri Lanka with warranty to overcome their shortage. Check for more details in their social media pages.

In this year, 2021 Yamaha India offers 6 models of Motorcycles and 3 models of scooters for its Indian customers. They include Yamaha FZ 25, FZS 25, MT15, FZS, FZ and YZF R15 Motorcycles and Fascino 125, RayZR125 and RayZR Street Rally 125. All these Motorbikes and Scooters are provided with Fuel Injection (FI) and they comply with the latest Indian Norms BS-VI. There is change in the price of these models in this month July, 2021 as MT-15 and YZF R15 prices are increased while Yamaha FZ25 price had been reduced by Rs 19,300/-.

Yamaha FZ model Motorcycles are coming in attractive colors, design, along with LED Lighting, Digital console, ABS, FI and with overall performance. These models offer options like fuel injection (FI), Single Channel ABS, Dual channel ABS, Disc Brake, Twin Disc brakes, Assist and Slipper clutch, Ride by wire, oil cooling and liquid cooling too in their Two Wheelers. Recently R-15 and MT-15 models were introduced in the market with medium sized engine, aggressive style and at affordable price and both of them became successful ones. Their Ray ZR scooters too are provided with options like fuel Injection (FI), Front Unified Braking System (UBS). EFI means Electronic Fuel Injection. (With 6 Sensors) is an important feature to meet the BS-VI compliant along with Yamaha's UBS or ABS breaking system to meet the latest Indian Government regulations. Currently under BS-VI norms, Yamaha is offering 8 motorbikes and 3 scooters in India.

Yamaha India had introduced their Bluetooth connectivity App called as “Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X”. It is good for FZ-FI and FZS-FI BS-6 models. This free Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X APP is available in the Google Play Store and iTunes APP Store. This App provides lot of features including answer back for easy locating, e-lock, locate my bike, and hazard light function.

2021 Yamaha Motorbike price in India and Sri Lanka.

Yamaha YZF R1 More
India Price: INR 20,39,230/-
Canada Price: $ 21,999
America Price: US$ 17,399
UK Price: £17,402

Yamaha YZF R1

MT-15 Price More
Sri Lanka: Rs 605,900/- BS4
Nepal: Rs.442,900/-
India: INR 142,900/-

Ice Flu Vermilli: Rs 143,900/-
Customize: INR 145,900/-
Yamaha MT15

YZF R15 V3.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 611,900/-BS4
India: INR 154,600/-
Up to INR 156,700/-
Nepal: Rs 477,900/-
Bangladesh: TK 525,000/-
Yamaha R15

Yamaha FZS 25 More
India: INR 1,58,600/-

Yamaha FZS 25

FZ 25 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 727,900/-
India: INR 134,800/-

Nepal Price: Rs 442,900/-
Yamaha FZ25

FZS-FI V3.0 More
New Model: INR 108,200/-
Prev Model: INR 104,700/-
Vintage: INR 111,700/-
Nepal: Rs 329,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 492,900/-
Yamaha FZs

FZ FI Ver 3.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 472,900/-
India: INR 104,700/-

Yamaha FZ FI V3.0

FZS-FI (Bluetooth)
Matte Blue: INR 108,200/-
Dark Knight: INR 109,700/-
Vintage: INR 111,700/-
Yamaha FZs

FZS-FI V2 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 492,900/-
Single Disc: TK 249,000/-
Double Disc: TK 265,000/-
Nepal Price: Rs 304,900/-
Yamaha FZ S FI

Fascino 125 More
Drum: INR 72,030/-73,030/-
Disc: Rs 74.530/- - 75,530/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 285,900/-
Nepal 113cc: Rs 218,900/-

Yamaha Fascino 125

Ray ZR Street Rally More
India Price: INR 77,350/-
Nepal Price: Rs 261,900/-
113cc Nepal: Rs 220,900/-
Yamaha Ray ZR INdia

Ray ZR 125 FI More
India: INR 73,330/-
Disc: INR 76,330/-
Nepal: Rs 251,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 301,900/-
Yamaha Ray ZR

Yamaha Nmax Scooter.
Sri Lanka: Rs 462,900/-
India: INR 75,000/-
Nepal: Rs 469,900/-
Nmax Scooter

Drum: INR 70 - 71,000/-+
Disc: INR 76 - 78,500/- +
Nepal: Rs 256,900/-

Yamaha Fascino FI

Yamaha MT-09 More
India: INR 10,55,350/-

Yamaha MT-09

FZ 16 Ver 2.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 446,900/-BS4
Yamaha FZ 16 Version 2 - 150 cc

Yamaha FZ More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 439,000/-
Nepal: Rs 442,900/-
Yamaha FZ

R15 V2.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 525,500/-
Yamaha R15 V 2.0

Ray Z More
Sri Lanka: Rs 251,900/-
Nepal 113cc: Rs 200,900/-
Yamaha Ray Z Scooter

Fazer FI V2.0 Price.
Sri Lanka: Rs.499,900/-
Bangladesh: TK 271,000/-

Yamaha Fazer FI 150

FZS V2.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 421,900/-
Nepal: Rs 304,900/-
Yamaha FZs V2.0

Saluto 125 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 310,900/-
Nepal Price: Rs 219,900/-

Yamaha Saluto 125

R15s More

Yamaha R15 V 2.0

YZF R3 More
Nepal: Rs 924,900/-
Yamaha YZF R3

SZ RR v2 More
Nepal: Rs 242,900/-
Bangladesh: TK 525,000/-

Yamaha SZ RR Version 2.0

Fazer-25 More
Nepal: Rs 414,900/-

Yamaha Fazer 25

FZ V2.0 More
Nepal: Rs 284,900/-

Yamaha FZ FI

Saluto RX More
Nepal: Rs 219,900/-
Bangladesh: TK 185,000/-
Yamaha Saluto RX

Alpha Scooter More
Sri Lanka: Rs 287,000/-

Yamaha Alpha Scooter

Yamaha FZ-X More
India Price: Rs 116,800/-+

Yamaha FZ-X

Yamaha Sri Lanka offers, Free registration for Motorbikes and Scooter along with First year insurance and Helmet
Limited time offer: 3 years installment plan with selected Leasing partner.

Book Your Yamaha Two Wheeler online in India.
In India you can book your Yamaha Motorcycle through their online website. Payment of INR 5,000 is required when booking. Within 21 days you must visit the Dealer and can make the purchase. Here.

Yamaha Motorbike price in India here. | Official Yamaha Video. India. | EU Yamaha Official Video.| Sri Lanka Yamaha Bikes. | Yamaha Motorcycles.

*Yamaha Motorbike price and Scooter price may change without prior notice.

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