Yamaha Motorbike Price.

7:00 AM 5/1/2022

Yamaha YZF R15

Yamaha motorbike price and scooter prices in Sri Lanka, USA, India and other countries are available here. New Yamaha Two Wheelers meet the BS-VI norms in India and EU-5 norms in the Europe. Their Motorcycles became very popular in Sri Lanka after the introduction of their latest Fazer and FZ models. Current models are manufactured with aggressive design, shouldered tank, mid ship muffler, cowls, ABS Braking System, Assist and Slipper clutch along with improved power output. In India Yamaha is producing around 15 models of Two Wheelers while 9 models are provided with Bluetooth connectivity through Smartphones. Supported is Yamaha Y-Connect App. Many of these models offer Turn by Turn navigation facility too. Other than USA, EU, UK, Australia, Canada and in Singapore people in India, UAE, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh too used to show interest to find the latest Yamaha Scooter and Motorcycle prices.

6 Yamaha Motorcycle Models and 4 Yamaha Scooters are available with Bluetooth Connect Facility.
4 Numbers of Yamaha models are available as MotoGP Edition. (Rs 81,330/- up to Rs 182,800/-)
Yamaha Two Wheelers are provided either with Yamaha Motorcycle Connect or Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X App through Bluetooth to connect Smartphone.
Some of the Yamaha Two Wheeler prices are increased by Rs 1,500/- in India in this month April 2022.

In Sri Lanka bike prices heavily depends on US$ and LK Rupees conversion rate, import tax and Dealers profit margin. In Sri Lanka and India most of the buyers prefer the monthly installment plan that starts with a down payment. Buyer can pay the remaining motorbike or scooter price on 36 months installments. Meanwhile in Sri Lanka nearly all the Yamaha Motorbikes and Scooters are not available for to purchase as Brand new ones. This is due to the Sri Lanka Government's ongoing Vehicle import Ban that was placed in the year 2020. In this year 2022 too there is no sign of lifting the vehicle import ban in Sri Lanka.

2022 Yamaha Motorbike price in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Yamaha R15 V4 More
Price in India: Rs 176,900/-
Darknight: Rs 177,900/-
Racing Blue: Rs 181,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 991,000/-
Yamaha R15

Yamaha YZF R15 V3 More
Metallic Red: Rs 157,600/-
Racing Blue: Rs 158,700/-
Dark Night: Rs 159,700/-
Nepal Price: Rs 514,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 525,000/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 750,000/-
Yamaha R15

Yamaha R15S V3 More
Price: INR 159,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 915,240/-
R15M: INR 186,900/-

Yamaha R15S V 3.0

R15M More.
India Price:
Rs 186,900/-
WGP Edition: Rs 188,300/-
Yamaha R15M

MT-15 V2.0 More
Black Price: Rs 159,900/-
Ice Fluo: INR 160,900/-
MotoGP: INR 149,900/-
Nepal: Rs.459,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 605,900/-
Yamaha MT15

Yamaha YZF R1 More
India Price: Rs 20,39,230/-
Canada Price: $ 21,999
USA Price: US$ 17,399
UK Price: £17,402
Sri Lanka: Rs 28,00,000/-

Yamaha YZF R1

FZS-FI Deluxe More
India Price: INR 122,400/-

Yamaha FZS FI New

Yamaha FZS 25 More
India Price: INR 149,100/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 990,000/-+

Yamaha FZS 25

Yamaha FZ FI More
India: INR 111,700/-
Bangladesh: Tk 290,000
Sri Lanka: Rs 472,900/-

Yamaha FZ FI V3.0

India Price: INR 119,400/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 656,560/-
Nepal: Rs 344,900/-

Yamaha FZs

FZS-FI V2 More
Single Disc: TK 249,000/-
Double Disc: TK 265,000/-
Nepal Price: Rs 329,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 492,900/-

Yamaha FZ S FI

Yamaha FZ 25 More
India Price: Rs 144,600/-
MotoGP: Rs 138,800/-
Nepal Price: Rs 474,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 793,440/-
Yamaha FZ25

Fascino125 More
Nepal 125: Rs 267,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 411,800/-
Bangla 113: Tk 150,000
Yamaha Fascino FI

Yamaha YZF R7 More
USA Price: US$ 8,999
Canada: $ 10,799+
Australia: $ 14,999

Yamaha R15

Yamaha Aerox 155 More
India Price: Rs 136,800/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 748,200/-+

Yamaha Aerox 155

Fascino 125 Hybrid More
Drum: Rs 76,100 - 77,100/-
Disc: Rs 83,130 - 85,130/-
Yamaha Fascino 125

RayZR 125 Hybrid More
Drum: Rs 80,230/-
Disc: Rs 83,430/-
Racing Blue: Rs 84,430/-

Yamaha Ray ZR Hybrid Scooter

Ray ZR 125 FI More
India: INR 77,830/-
Disc: INR 81,830/-
Nepal: Rs 265,900/-
Bangla 113: Tk 152,000
Nepal: Rs 209,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 425,350/-

Yamaha Ray ZR

YZF R3 More
USA Price: US$ 5,299
Nepal: Rs 924,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 647,000/-
Yamaha YZF R3

Yamaha FZ-X More
India Price: Rs 130,400/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 720,940/-+

Yamaha FZ-X

RayZR Street Rally More
Hybrid Bluetooth: Rs 87,430
Bangla 113:Tk 165,000
Nepal 113: Rs 220,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 330,000/-
Yamaha Ray ZR INdia

Fascino 113cc More
Sri Lanka: Rs 285,900/-+
Nepal: Rs 218,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 150,000/-

Yamaha Fascino 125

Yamaha YZF R15M
India: Rs 182,800/-
Monster Energ: Rs 182,800/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 10,48,640/-

Yamaha R15

NMAX Scooter.
Sri Lanka: Rs 462,900/-+
India: INR 75,000/-
Nepal: Rs 469,900/-
Nmax Scooter

Yamaha Fazer-25 More
Nepal: Rs 414,900/-

Yamaha Fazer 25

Fazer 150 FI V2.0
Sri Lanka: Rs.499,900/-
Bangladesh: TK 271,000/-
Yamaha Fazer FI 150

Yamaha FZ V2.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 439,000/-
Nepal: Rs 295,900/-
Yamaha FZ

FZ V2.0 More
Nepal: Rs 304,900/-
FZS V2.0 More
Nepal: Rs 329,900/-
Yamaha FZ FI

Ray Z More
Sri Lanka: Rs 251,900/- +
113cc Nepal: Rs 220,900/
Bangladesh: Tk 152,000/- (D)
Yamaha Ray Z Scooter

Saluto 125 More
Bangladesh: Tk 141,000
Nepal Price: Rs 219,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 310,900/-
Yamaha Saluto 125

Yamaha Saluto More
Nepal: Rs 229,900/-
Bangladesh: TK 141,000/-

Yamaha Saluto RX

Alpha Scooter More
Bangladesh Disc: TK 142,000
Sri Lanka: Rs 287,000/- +

Yamaha Alpha Scooter

FZ 16 Ver 2.0 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 446,900/- +
Yamaha FZ 16 Version 2 - 150 cc

Yamaha SZ RR V2 More
Nepal Price: Rs 264,900/-
Bangladesh: TK 185,000/-
Yamaha SZ RR Version 2.0

R15 V2.0 Bike More
Sri Lanka: Rs. 525,500/-+
Yamaha R15 V 2.0

Yamaha MT-09 More
USA Price: US$ 9,399
India: INR 10,55,350/-
Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha XTZ 150 FI
Nepal Price: Rs 554,900/-

Yamaha XTZ 150

FZS V3 Nepal Price.
X-Connect: Rs 379,900/-
FZS V3 Price: Rs 354,900/-
Yamaha FZS

India: Book Your Yamaha Motorbike / Scooter Online.
In India you can book your Yamaha Motorcycle through their online website. Payment of INR 5,000 is required when booking. Within 21 days you must visit the Dealer and can make the purchase. Here.

Yamaha Motorbike India Price here. | Official Yamaha Video. India | EU Yamaha Official Video| Yamaha Sri Lanka Bikes. | Yamaha Motorcycles.

*Yamaha Motorbike price and Scooter price may change without prior notice.

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