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12:15 PM 12/1/2021

Bike Price by Brands:

Motorcycle prices may vary depending on many factors. Meanwhile from 2020 onwards there is NO motorcycle and Scooter import is allowed in Sri Lanka to maintain its economy. Bike price in Sri Lanka depends heavily on applicable Import taxes, transport and dealer's profit margin. Other than these, motorbike prices depends on the production country, brand, Engine capacity, products Grading (A, B or C) exchange rate and on extra accessories. Currently Motorbikes that are produced or assembled in India used to provide more safety features and other improvements give more protection for the rider when it meets their tough BS-VI (Equal to EU5) norms. These include ABS, UBS or CBS braking system, Fuel Injection and Day Light Running. Few motorbikes and scooters are imported to Sri Lanka from Japan as their prices are very high when compared to Indian made ones. Most of the Japanese two wheelers are manufactured to meet the EU and American EPA standards and regulations along with controlled sound pollution. Motorbikes that Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki with 250 cc or under and are manufactured and exported from Japan are expensive due to their superior product quality, labor cost and manufacturing standards. Meanwhile Motorcycles manufactured or assembled in India are cheaper due to less labor cost and less shipping charges to here. Japan's Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki have their own production lines in India. Most of the models that are available here are being exported from India. Indian motorcycle manufacturers like Bajaj, TVS, Hero, Royal Enfield and Mahindra are competing with the Japanese motorcycles in the International market with their small and medium size Bikes. Meantime there are many fake Chinese Motorbikes are available for sale in the online market. KTM, Aprilia, Vespa and other European models too are available here as manufactured in Italy, Austria or assembled in India. Meanwhile Honda India is exporting its SP 125 model motorcycles to Europe. Honda is the current leader in the worldwide Two Wheeler manufacturing.

Motorcycle Price in Sri Lanka.

When the Sri Lanka government is going to allow new motorbike import in the coming year, the bike price may be very high due to their price increase in India. As there are no more Indian BS-IV models manufactured in India. Sri Lanka people are looking for to buy fuel economy motorbikes even if they are imported from Japan as second hand ones. But Sri Lanka Government is tough on bike’s emission and they want only brand new ones. So they put more tax on the used motorbikes. ┬áSri Lanka is expecting the motorcycle companies to assemble the motorbikes and scooters locally. All the major Japanese Motorcycle manufacturers have their own Assembling plants or collaborated assembling plants in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. So it may be difficult for the Sri Lanka Government to attract Motorcycle manufacturers to open their plants in Sri Lanka. Let’s wait and see what is going to happen to this idea.

Meanwhile in India this month Honda hass announced CB200X, Yamaha had introduced R15 version 4, R15M, TVS had announced their latest Apache RTR 160 4V and newly developed Apache RR310, Hero ready to announce their new XPulse 200 4V and new Xtreme 160R Stealth Edition and Suzuki too ready to launch their Suzuki Gixxer 250 naked bike.

Notice: Due to vehicle import BAN by the Sri Lanka Government, brand new Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Bajaj, Hero, KTM, TVS Motorbikes and Scooters are not available for sale in Sri Lanka. To buy a brand new motorbike or scooter you have to wait till 2022 or till 2023 according to local news.

2021 Motorcycle Price in India Starts From.

Honda Bike price: INR 66,000/-+. View all Honda Model Prices.

Hero Motorcycle Price: INR 62,000/-+ All Hero Motorcycle Price.

Yamaha Bike Price: INR 104,700/-+ See all Yamaha Model Prices.

Bajaj Bike Prices: INR 52,950/- +. View all Bajaj Motorcycle Prices.

TVS Bike Price: INR 41,050/- See all TVS Model Prices.

KTM Bike Price: INR 182,000/-+. View all KTM Motorbike Prices.

Suzuki Motorbike Price: INR 121,000/-+ Check all Suzuki Motorcycle Prices.

Motorcycle prices in Sri Lanka in 2020 (BS-IV).
Yamaha FZ-S v3.0 Bike price: Rs.492,900/-
FZ-16 -Version 2.0 Bike Price: Rs.446,900/-
Yamaha Fazer F1- V2.0 Price: Rs 499,900/-
Pulsar NS 160 FI ABS Price: Rs 466,950/-
NS 200 ABS Price: Rs 499,950/-
Pulsar 150 Neon Price: Rs 369,950/-
Pulsar NS 200 ABS Price: Rs 549,950/-
150 Twin Disc Price: Rs 417,950/-
Pulsar 150 Price: Rs 411,950/-
Pulsar NS 200 ABS Price: Rs 499,950/-
RS 200 Pulsar Price: Rs 677,950/-
KTM Duke 125 Price: Rs 576,950/-
KTM RC 125 Price: Rs 630,950/--
Yamaha MT-15 Price: Rs 605,000/-
Yamaha R15 Price: Rs 611,900/-
Suzuki Gixxer 155 Price: Rs 399,900/-

Scooter Price in Sri Lanka in 2020
Honda Dio Price: Rs 300,900/- + BS4
DX Price: Rs 350,900/- + BS4
Yamaha Alpha Price: Rs. 287,900 /-
Fascino Price: 285,900/-
Ray ZR Price: 278,900/-
Yamaha Nmax Price: Rs 462,900/-
TVS Ntorq Race Edition Price: Rs.325,900/-

Motorcycle prices in USA may vary according to the distance of the cities from the Dealer's Office. Normally this is marked as destination charge in their official websites. There are Motorbikes made for America, Canada, UK, EU, South Africa and Australia are little expensive. They are manufactured to meet the tough rules and regulations of these countries and their States. Also they have to meet many safety and road regulations also need to meet EPA compliant, EU5 and BS-VI like norms. Also the rider and pillion passenger must wear helmets and other protective gears while riding. In the mean time Japanese and European models are manufactured to compete in the USA motorcycle market which is the largest in the world. Meanwhile Japan, USA, Italy, Germany, Austria, UK and India are the major motorcycle producers in the world while Japan has many assembling plants all over the world. Motorbikes made for developed countries used to have many latest features in them. These are like ride by wire, lift control, cornering ABS, Assist and Slipper Clutch, USD Forks, LED Lighting, Bluetooth connectivity and many other latest features.

Honda Africa Twin
US$ 13,599 More.
Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Honda Gold Wing
US$ 27,000 More
Honda Gold Wing

Harley Davidson
US$ 6,899 More
Harley Davidson

Kawasaki Ninja H2R
US$ 55,000 More
Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Ninja H2 More
US$ 29,500
Kawasaki Ninja H2

Kawasaki Ninja 1000
US$ 12,599 More
Ninja 1000

Kawasaki Z900More
Kawasaki Z900

US$ 25,000 More

Yamaha YZF R1
US$17,599 More
Yamaha R1

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*Motorcycle and Scooter prices may change without prior notice to the general public.

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