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Motorcycle Spare Parts.

4:30 PM 12/17/2023

Motorcycle spare parts and Scooter spare parts are very important ones for the Two Wheeler owners to keep their vehicles in running condition. It is necessary to buy genuine spare parts from their motorcycle manufacturer, for to keep the machine to run trouble free. In Sri Lanka you can find lot of spare parts shops which used to distribute Japanese motorcycles, Italian Motorbikes and India manufactured motorcycles and scooters. Motorcycle and scooter spare parts are sold by private distributor shops that are located in the Panchikawatte and Maradana area in Colombo City. Most of the spare parts shops are kept opened on Sundays and on other Public Holidays. Because on Sundays motorcycle owners used to send them for repair due to their office work hours on week days. In Sri Lanka normally all the Two Wheeler mechanic Shops are kept opened on Sundays and Holidays as they used to be closed on Mondays.

Sri Lanka is returning back to normal life. most of the spare parts for the Motorcycles and Scooters are being imported by sellers. But the spare parts price are ranging in high price.
People are happy even at high price they can keep their Two Wheelers in running condition. In the coming year 2024, Srilanka Motorcycle and Scooter spare parts will have to additional VAT payment included in their price along with petrol, lubricating oil and grease.

Motorcycle Spare parts

Other than motorbike spare parts Engine oil, Hydraulic Brake oil, Spoke oil, Engine cooling liquid, Spark Plugs, Air Filters and Engine coolant are available in these stores. In this year 2023 these prices had gone up due to short supply. Always insist on genuine recommended oils, grease and spare parts for trouble free use of your motorcycle. You can buy cheap duplicate parts and second hand parts in the Maradana area in Colombo. Specially along the Jayantha Weerasekare Mawatta located in between Maradana railway station and Jazeema Cinema Hall. It starts from the Base Line Road next to Jazeema Cinema Hall and the petrol station.

In addition racing motorcycle spare parts and rider's suite and safety gears including the Motorcycle tuning kits are available in this area. It can be Body Armour, racing boots, Special helmets, hand gloves and other items that used for the safety of the riders. Sri Lanka Two Wheeler owners can use the online websites to purchase motorcycle's spare parts and racing rider accessories. Most of the youngsters use Sampath Bank web-card to purchase spare parts. This is to safeguard them against the internet fraud when buying motorbike and scooter spares online. But in the year 2021 you may get unexpected Valuation Bill when you are clearing your spare parts from the Customs Warehouse after importing them through the online purchase. Alibaba, Amazon and eBay offers them through private sellers. First of all check the shipping charge for to bring the spare parts to Sri Lanka. Most of the shippers prefer Air Cargo shipping method. Be ready to pay customs tax in Sri Lanka.

Always insists on genuine Motorcycle parts. They may be expensive but durable and will support trouble free operation during your ride. Specially clutch plate sets, Spark plugs, brake lining, chain links and related products used to wear very easily, if they are not original. Always insist on buying complete clutch plate set with the packing including the housing. Don't try to settle with half set of clutch plates. Spark plugs should be in correct length and should be a recommended one by the motorcycle manufacturer for your particular model.

Motorcycle Batteries.

All new motorcycle batteries are coming as maintenance free batteries while there are regular acid filling Batteries too are available in the market at cheaper price. Motorbike batteries will work for long years if dynamo coil and rectifier are working perfectly. If battery is dead, you should go for a new one as it is very difficult to charge it again. You can't take it to the battery service station to add acid and battery water to get a new life by charging it. Even it is little expensive, 12V maintenance free Motorbike batteries (Also called as Gel battery priced at Rs 9,500/- - Rs 10,000/- with one year warranty) are far better than the acid filling batteries. If you are using acid battery always check the over flow tube is fitted securely, otherwise the flowing out acid can damage your motorbike body and rear brake electrical system. Don't try to re-charge motorcycle batteries at home, as they can burst, if anything goes wrong. In the recent times most of the bike owners go for maintenance free Motorbike batteries when they are replacing them. Before to change a battery ask your battery shop service man to find whether there is any short circuit in Two Wheeler. Keep the battery receipt in a safe place. If the battery is not functioning well within the guarantee period the seller will replace without question.

Looking For a Motorcycle spare part?

Get a photo of your motorcycle.
Photo of that required spare part.
Write down, if there are any serial number on the particular part is available; provide a photo of it too.
Show these to the Agent or Shop Owner, as they can identify that spare part very easily.
If they don't have it, ask them where you can buy it. Most of the shop owners will guide you to that place where you can get it.
Due to import ban in Sri Lanka many things are not available in the market. In this case ask the dealer to guide you to get an equally supportive Spare part for you.

Spare Parts for Discontinued Model Motorcycles.

Some motorcycle models are discontinued from the assembly line in India. Most of the BS-IV Engine fitted motorcycles are not coming from the assembly line. (Hero Hunk, Achiever, Impulse, Hero Xtreme, Maestro scooter, Bajaj Discover models, TVS Phoenix 125 , Pulsar AS200 with AS150, Pulsar 135 LS, Pulsar 150 NS, Bajaj Avenger 150, Yamaha FZ-16 is now with FI.). So if you are looking for any spare part for a particular discontinued motorbike model no problem. Still they are under production and you have to settle for a part that comes from the original producer. Take a photo of the motorcycle and the spare parts to the dealer or motorcycle spare parts selling shop. Or you have to contact a machine shop to make one of it as you may not find the product anywhere.

If any of your spare part does worn out quickly, then try to find the real cause for it. For example if your spark plug is burning too quickly, then your choke may had stuck, carburetor misadjusted, leaking injector nozzle or carburetor needle valve, low coil output or high resistance through the spark plug wire too can be the cause. Keep your motorbike's spare parts list manual. (Owner's Manuals used to be available in the PDF format from the internet.)
Identify the part with its part number. Get your motorcycle's make, Brand name, built year for easy purchasing the spare parts from the dealer.

Motorcycle Rectifier.

Rectifiers are playing an important role in the operation of the motorcycles. It changes the A/C current in to DC voltage to charge the battery. This is an electronic gadget. If the rectifier is not functioning properly it is necessary to replace it. Only best electronic technicians can only repair it. In Sri Lanka there is a big shortage for the new Rectifier. Even if a rectifier is available it will cost high price due to import ban. If the Rectifier is failing your battery will be overcharged. In addition Dim Headlights, Erratic Meter Readings, Engine Runs Rough at Higher RPM, Engine's Loss of Power, Frequent Dead Battery, Overcharging or Undercharging.

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Motorcycle and Scooter Spare Parts, Private Sellers in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Janaka Motors, Jayantha Weerasekara Mawatha, Maligawatte, Colombo - 10, Sri Lanka.
New Nikko Motors (Pvt) Ltd, Rajagiriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Three Star Motors, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.
Yoga Motors, 65, Jayantha Weerasekara Mawatha, Colombo -10 (0777 151537) Signals, Reflector Stones, Rear mirrors, Brake Switch and all kinds of Motorbike Spare parts.
Bajaj Genuine Spare part Dealer, Anderson Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala.
In Jaffna Most of the scooter spare parts shops are located in the Stanley Road.

Bike Cables.

Fuel Tank.

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