Hero Motorbike, Scooter Prices.

8:36 PM 11/9/2021

Hero motorbike and scooter prices are available here. Hero holds number one position in the Two Wheeler production and sales in India. Year's back its original designs actually did came from the Japanese Honda Motorcycle technology with their collaboration in India. So it became very easy for the Hero - Honda to be adorable Motorcycle and Scooter producers in India. Now in most parts of the Hero Motorcycles and Scooters that are made in India and they are having good sales. In Sri Lanka too Hero Scooters and motorbikes are very popular for its look, design and power. Most of the Hero motorbikes look smarter than the other models and they give out good power and engine sound. From 2020 onwards BS-VI compliant models are produced in India by Hero Motocorp. So they are provided with ABS or CBS braking system to meet the Indian Government’s new regulations. Hero Hunk and Splendor motorcycles are having good sales in Sri Lanka. Hero is now available in Bambalapitiya, Colombo - 4 Office, on Galle Road. In this year 2021 Hero Motocorp is marketing their 11 motorcycles and 4 scooters in India and in many parts of the world at affordable price. Due to vehicle import ban in Sri Lanka Hero motorcycles and Scooters are out of stock. Mean while in September 2021 there was a small price increase did took place to the Hero Motocorp Motorcycles and Scooters in India.

Hero Motocorp took part in the 2021 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. Their Hero MotoSports Team is provided with Hero 450 Rally that comes with new engine and updated chassis. The Dakar rally was held in January 2021.In the mean time Hero had maximized the centre of gravity at the lowest point Hero 450 Rally bike for better handling and its stability. Furthermore more voluminous fuel tank, along with improved suspension and cooling system provided to the Rally Bike. All the Hero Two Wheelers are complying with the Indian BS-VI norms from the year 2020. Meanwhile there are many BS-4 models are still available in Sri Lanka for sale.

2021 Hero Motorcycles and Scooters India Price.

HF Deluxe
Drum K/S: Rs 53,700/-
Drum S/W: Rs 52,700/-
Drum S/S: Rs 61,900/-
S/S Drumi3s: Rs 63,400/-
S/S/D Black: Rs 62,500/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 259,500/-+

Hero HF deluxe 100cc

Hero Hunk 150 More
Twin Disc
Sri Lanka: Rs 394,500

Hero Hunk 150CC

Maestro Edge 125 Btooth
Drum: Rs 73,450/-
Disc: Rs 77,900/-
Prismatic: Rs 77,900/-
B.S Connect: Rs 81,900/-
Hero Motocorp Dash 110

Passsion Pro
Drum: Rs 70,375/-
Disc: Rs: 73,300/-
Editi Drum: Rs 72,175/-
Edition Disc: Rs 75,100/-
Hero HF deluxe 100cc

Splendor iSmart More
Drum: Rs 69,650/-
Disc: Rs 72,350/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 235,000/-+

Hero Splendor iSmart

Maestro Edge 125
S/S Drum: Rs 73,200/-
S/S Disc: Rs 75,450/-
Stealth: Rs 76,750/-
Hero Motocorp Dash 110

Hero Pleasure+ More
VX Drum: INR 64,200/-
Drum LX: INR 61,900/-
Drum ZX: INR 66,600/-
Xtec Drum cast: Rs 69,500
Xtec Disc cast: Rs 71,100
Sri Lanka: Rs 265,500/-+
Hero Pleasure 2017

Destini 125 Scooter
Drum: Rs 70,400/-
Drum VX: Rs 73,950/-
M/Edition: Rs 75,500/-
Platinum: Rs 75,900/-
Sri Lanka Rs 289,500/-+
Hero Pleasure 2017

Maestro Edge 125 NEW
S/S Drum: Rs 73,450/-
S/S Disc: Rs 77,900/-
Connected: Rs 81,900/-
Hero Motocorp Dash 110

Xtreme 160R More
D/Disc: Rs 114,660/-
Disc: Rs 111,610/-
Sp Edition: Rs 116,460/-

K/S Drum: Rs 64,850/-
S/S Drum: Rs 67,160/-
Drum i3s: Rs 68,360/-
M/Edition: Rs 70,710/-
Hero Splendor iSmart

Maestro Edge 110 More
Drum Vx: Rs 65,900/-
Zx: Rs 66,900/-
M/Edition: Rs 68,500/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 267,500/-+
Hero Maestro Edge 110cc

Glamour XTEC Price
Drum: Rs 80,500/-
Disc: Rs 85,100/-

Hero Dawn Motorcycle

Hero Glamour
Xtec Drum: Rs 80,500/-
Xtec Disc: Rs 85,100/-
M/Edition Drum: Rs 77,700/-
M/Edition Disc: Rs 81,700/-
Drum S/S: Rs 75,900/-
Disc S/S: Rs 79,900/-
Blaze Drum: Rs 76,900/-
Blaze Disc: Rs 80,900/-

200 ABS Disc: Rs 123,150/-
200T India: INR 120,650/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 499,990/-
Hero Xpulse

Hero Super Splendor
S/S Disc: INR 73,900/-
S/S Drum: Rs 77,600/-

Hero Splendor

Hero Dash 110 More

Hero Motocorp Dash 110

Xtreme 200S More
India: INR 127,370/-
Hero Xtreme 200s

Hero Hunk 200R
Sri Lanka: Rs 465,000/-

Hero Hunk 150CC

HF Dawn More

Hero Dawn Motorcycle

Hero Karizma ZMR

Hero Achiever 150 More
Hero Achiever 150

Hero Xtreme 200S

*Hero Motorcycle and Scooter Prices and Specifications may change without Notice.
Source: Hero Motor Corp, India.

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