Hero Motorbike Prices in Sri Lanka.

07:52 PM 11/22/2018

Hero is the number one selling motorcycles in India. Its original designs were actually of the Japanese Honda technology. So it became very easily the adrobals motrcycle and Scooter producers in India. In most parts of the world Hero motorcycles and Scooters that are made in India are having good sales. In Sri Lanka too Hero Scooters and motorcycles are very popuylar with the two wheel riders. Hero Hunk and Spelendor motorcycles are having good sales in Sri Lanka.

HF deluxe 100cc
Sri Lanka : LKR. 219,500/-Hero HF deluxe 100cc
Maestro Edge 110cc
Sri Lanka : LKR. 245,000/-Hero Maestro Edge 110cc
Duet 110cc
Sri Lanka : LKR. 220,000/-Hero Duet 110cc
Motocorp Dash 110 More
Pleasure — Sri Lanka : LKR. 230,000/-
Duet — Sri Lanka : LKR. 228,000/-
Hero Motocorp Dash 110
Hero Pleasure Scooter More
Colombo : LKR. 220,000/-
Mumbai : ₹ 65,140
Nepal : NPR. 157,000
Bangladesh : BDT. 130,000
Hero Pleasure 2017
Splendor iSmart More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 227,000
India : ₹ 51,030
Hero Splendor iSmart
Glamour 125CC
Sri Lanka : LKR. 277,000/-Hero Glamour 125CC
Karizma R 225CC
Sri Lanka : LKR. 325,000/-Hero Karizma R 225CC
Xtreme sports 150CC
Sri Lanka : LKR. 310,000/-Hero Xtreme sports 150CC
Hunk 150CC More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 342,500/-Hero Hunk 150CC
Dawn Motorcycle More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 157,000/- Hero Dawn Motorcycle
Hero Achiever 150 More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 285,000/- Hero Achiever 150
Xtreme 200R More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 400,000/-
India : ₹ 95,230/-
Hero Xtreme 200R

Hero Motorcycle brands

Karizma ZMR
Hero Karizma ZMR
Hero Karizma
Xtreme Sports
Hero Xtreme Sports
Hero Xtreme
Hero Hunk
Hero Achiever
Hero Ignitor
New Glamour
Hero New Glamour
Glamour Programmed FI
Hero Glamour Programmed FI
Hero Glamour
Super Splendor
Hero Super Splendor
Passion PRO
Price: Rs 245,000/-
Hero Passion XPRO
Passion PRO i3s
Hero Passion PRO i3s
Splendor iSmart 110
Hero Splendor iSmart 110
Passion PRO TR
Hero Passion PRO TR
Splendor iSmart
Hero Splendor iSmart
Splendor PRO Classic
Hero Splendor PRO Classic
Splendor PRO
Hero Splendor PRO
Hero Splendor+
Splendor+ i3s
Hero plendor+ i3s

Hero Motor Corp, India.

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