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6:29 AM 11/26/2023

Demak motorcycles and Scooters are very popular with the youngsters in Sri Lanka. They provide trouble free running for the money they had paid to purcharse it. Actually Demak Motorcycles and Scooters are manufactured in Malaysia and were exported to Asian countries including Sri Lanka. In the recent times due to their low price these Motorbikes and scooters became very popular throughout Sri Lanka They are far cheaper than the Motorbikes that are imported from India and Japan. Actually these motorcycles are available with different Engine sizes, Colors and prices are arranged to suit the young riders needs. In addition they are good in fuel efficency and good in initial pickup too. Very comfortable to ride and the riders can be confident of accelerating and braking facility of these Two Wheelers.

In addition, brand New Demak Motorcycles and Demak Scooters are not available for sale in this year in Sri Lanka. This is due to Sri Lanka Government's vehicle import ban rule. This import ban was placed in the year 2020 to recover the country's economy problems for to get back to stable financial position. As of November 2023 all the import restrictions are removed for goods and the Auto import ban is still in place in Sri Lanka. In the meantime used Demak motorcycles and Scooters are available for sale in Sri Lanka through the used Two wheeler market place. Those who want to buy any of them can go through the Newspaper classifieds on Sundays and through online classfied websites. In Colombo, many youngsters are looking for to buy cheap reliable motorcycle like Demak to make their food delivery service business. They either join PickMe or Uber App delivery Companies to make money for their living. Even young girls too are joining this food and package delivery services to make a living.

Demak Motorcycles and Scooters. (2020 Price.)
Currently They Are Out of Stock in Sri Lanka.

  • Skyline 150cc Price: Rs 219,900/-
  • Skyborn 150cc Price: Rs 199.900/-
  • Demak Warrior 150cc Price: Rs 249,900/-
  • Tropica Scooter price Rs.174,900/-
  • Translar Scooter Rs.194,900/-

DZM 200
Sri Lanka: Rs. 339,900/-

Demak DZM 200

Demak Warrior 150
Malaysia: RM 7,100/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 249,900/
Demak Warrior

Spark 90
Sri Lanka: Rs 136,000/-

Demak Spark 90CC

DTM 200 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 384,000/-

Demak DTM 200

DTM 150 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 299,000/-

Demak DTM 150

Savage Supra|
Sri Lanka: Rs 139,900/-

Demak Savage

Demak Rinos
Sri Lanka: Rs 155,000/-

Demak Rinos

Demak Piranha
Sri Lanka: Rs 138,000/-

Demak Piranha

D7 125CC
Sri Lanka: Rs . 65,000/-

Demak D7 125CC

RUV 90cc
Sri Lanka: Rs 139,900/-

EX 90
Sri Lanka: Rs 99,500/-

Skyborn 150cc
Sri Lanka: Rs 199,900/-

Demak exports following motorcycles worldwide. Some models are available as updated ones with new features and parts for them. In most part of the world the Demak motorbikes can get Insurance policy. Also the company is expanding its Dealers, Service Centers and Spare Parts Dealers.

Demak Moped Models.

DJ90 - 90cc
DVS 110 - 110cc
ECO - 110cc
EVO Z - 110cc
EVO ZR - 125cc
EVO Z 125R - 125cc
EX 90 - 90cc
MV 135 - 135cc

Funbike - Demak - Spriner 125 - 125cc
Motard - Demak DZR - 120cc

Demak Malaysia Price.
DZR 120 Price: RM 4,950
Transtar 150 Price: RM 5,450
Explorer 150 Price: RM 4,939
Sprinter 125 Price: RM 5,469
Warrior Price: RM 7,100
Skyline-GT Price: RM 9,604
DXT 225 Dart Price: RM 10,900
MV 135 Price: RM 5,200
EX90 Price: RM 3,200
Z 125R Price: RM 6,200
Evo ZR 110 Price: RM 4,800
Evo Z 110 Price: RM 4,700
Eco 110 Price: RM 3,700
DVS 110 Price: RM 4,324
DJ 90 Price: RM 3,190

Demak Motorcycle Showroom in Sri Lanka,
No 199, Vauxhall Street, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.

*Demak Motorcycle and Scooter Prices and Specifications may change without prior notice.


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