Kawasaki Motorbike Prices.

6:35 AM 1/14/2021

Kawasaki motorbike prices are available here. These Kawasaki Motorcycles are called as Green monsters and are very popular for their aggressive power output, smart look, high Torque and electronic rider assistance system. Japan Kawasaki motorbikes used to show their super speed power at MotoGP tracks and other popular racing events. Most of the race riders' prefer to ride in the Kawasaki motorbike team. Kawasaki engineers give much attention to the every parts and aspects in the construction of their motorcycles. They used specially made metal for rigid and weight less option in the construction of their frames. Kawasaki did announce its 2021 model Motorbikes on 23rd November 2020 in the USA. Kawasaki is Japan Company which now has many assembling plants in many parts of the world including India. As Kawasaki's motorcycles are heavy and superbikes so its market share in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are low. In these countries there is also a cc limit too applies for all the imported motorcycles. Meanwhile Japan and USA are the countries where Kawasaki motorbikes sales in high number. Mean while Australia, UK, Europe and South Africa Kawasaki motorcycle models got lot of sales and got many bike groups and clubs.

In India Kawasaki came as a partner with Bajaj Motorcycles in the year 2009 to provide motorcycles for the Indian two wheel market. But in the year 2010 it decided to go on to set up its own subsidiary as India Kawasaki Motors (IKM), which is 100 per cent subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Japan. Ninja 250R, Z250, Ninja 300, Ninja 400, Ninja 650, Z650, Versys 650, ZX-10R and the Ninja 1000 are their Indian assembled motorbikes for the local market and for export too. Kawasaki produces trail bikes100cc up to 450cc that are used in the motocross events and on off roead tracks.

Some of their models are manufactured after getting the orders. Most of their Motorbikes are provided with Brembo Disc Brakes, Engine are Turbo Charged to give more power and fuel economy. In the front their Motorbikes are fitted with inverted UPS Forks in the front to provide more stability. On many motorcycles ABS are an option and they are good in handling in the corners. In this year 2021 most of these Kawasaki models are provided with Bluetooth connectivity for the rider to enjoy music and communication. Music is available for the passenger too.

Reigning WorldSBK Champion Jonathan Rea of Kawasaki Racing Team WorldSBK, became the 2020 champion and added it as his sixth consecutive World Superbike Championship title.

Kawasaki Motorbike Prices.

Ninja 650
India: INR 6,39,000/- 2021 BS6

Kawasaki Z650

Ninja 400 More
US$ 5,500
India: INR 4,99,000/-
Kawasaki Ninja

H2 SX SE More
US$ 22,000
India: INR 28,19,000/-

Ninja H2 More
US$ 25,000
INR 34,99,000/-
Kawasaki Ninja

Ninja H2R More
US$ 55,000
INR 75,80,000/-
Kawasaki Ninja

Z800 ABS More
US$ 8,400 (Y 2015)
India: INR 7,90,800/-
Kawasaki Ninja

Kawasaki Z250 More
India: INR.3,08,000/-

Kawasaki Z250

Ninja 300 More
India: INR.2,98,000/-
Kawasaki Ninja 300

Ninja 1000 More
USA: US$ 12,199+
India: INR 11,04,000/-
Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Kawasaki W800
US$ 8,400
India: INR 7,09,000/-
Kawasaki Ninja

Versys 1000
India: INR 11,19,000/-
Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Kawasaki Z650 More
India: INR 6,04,000/- 2021 BS6

Kawasaki Z650

Kawasaki 2021 Motorbike Price in India.

Z1000: INR 15,10,000
Z1000R: INR 16,10,000
Z 900 Price: 8,19,000
Vulcan S (Black): INR 5,94,900/-
Versys-X 300: INR 4,69,000
650 Versys: INR 6,94,000 2021 Model
Versys 1000: INR 10,89,000/-

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Kawasaki Motorbike

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