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KTM Motorcycle Price.

4:19 PM 5/13/2024

KTM motorcycles in India are considered as fine breed for racing and for touring purposes, Also they are good for off road riding and to ride as street models. In this year 2024, their Motorbikes are provided with high powered Engine and superior Torque. The Motorbikes are known for their endurance on long comfortable riding with their Austrian engine Technology. Now they all are combined with the Indian motorbike manufacturer Bajaj. The Bajaj Motors is producing these bikes in India for the Indian Two Wheeler market. Meanwhile some of these models are directly imported to India where they used to face high Indian Tax. They are targeted for motorcycle racing on tracks and Off-Roads. KTM motocross motorbikes had earned more than 250 world titles in the world motor-cross championships in the recent times. From 2008 onwards, Bajaj jointly developed KTM 125cc and 200cc motorbikes under the brand name KTM for to sale in Europe and in the Far East. Bajaj had launched the KTM Duke 200 model in India. These motorbikes are using USD - upside down telescopic front forks in all their latest models. Meanwhile the large capacity models are imported directly in to India. Furthermore these KTM models are now available as Euro5 / BS-6 compliant models in India and other parts of the world.

KTM Motorcycles are not available as brand new models in Sri Lanka.
From the year 2020 onwards there is a Vehicle Import Ban is going on.

Latest News.
KTM 1390 Super Duke R Motorcycle in USA. (To celebarate Duke's presense of 30 years)
Price: $21,499.
Engine: Twin-cylinder four-stroke, 75° V-twin, DOHC
Maxium Power: 190 hp at 10,000 rpm
Maximum Torque: 106 lb-ft at 8000 rpm

KTM Duke 125 vs KTM RC 125 Motorcycles

Duke is Naked Sports Bike. RC is Fully Faired.
Duke's wight is 4Kg Lighter than the KTM RC Motorcycle
Seat height of Duke is higher than the KTM RC Motorbike
Wheelbase is greater for KTM Duke Motorcycle than the KTM RC Motorcycles.
Fuel Tank of Duke Motorcycle have larger capacity than the KTM RC Model.
KTM Duke weighs 4Kg more than the RC Motorbike.
Duke got a regular rod type handlebar while KTM RC got a triple clamp clip on its handle.

KTM Motorcycle Prices. Brand New KTM Motorcycles are out of stock in Sri Lanka


KTM Duke 125 More
USA Price: US$ 3,000
India: Rs 178,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 576,950/-

KTM RC125 More
USA Price: US$ 2,430
India: Rs 189,550/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 630.950/-
KTM RC 200

KTM Duke 125 EU
Sri Lanka: Rs 682,950/-


KTM RC 200
USA Price: US$ 2,690
India: Rs 217,700/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 758,950/-
KTM RC 200

KTM Duke 200
USA Price: US$ 4,100
Sri Lanka: Rs 800,000/-
India: Rs 196,690/-

KTM Duke 290

KTM Duke 250 More
USA Price: US$ 4,500
India: Rs 239,000/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 1,010,950/-

KTM RC 390
USA Price: US$ 3,950
India: Rs 318,175/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 1,606,950/-
KTM RC 390

KTM Duke 390 More
USA Price: US$ 5,899
India: Rs 310,530/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 1,555,950/-
KTM Duke 390

KTM Duke 790 More
USA Price: US$ 9,555
India: Rs 870,900/-
KTM Duke 790

KTM 250 Adventure
USA Price: $ 6,650
India: Rs 246,650/-
KTM 390 Adventure
USA Price: $ 6,850
India: Rs 338,750
KTM 890 Adventure:
US$ 13,399

KTM Duke 390

KTM Duke 1290
USA Price: US$ 21,150
KTM Duke 1290

KTM Duke 890
USA Price: US$ 9,900
India: INR 867,500/-
KTM Duke 890

KTM Super Duke 1390 Price: US$ 21,490
Adventure 390 X Price: INR 280,660/-
Super Duke 1290 Price: US$ 20,599

 KTM Duke Motorcycle

KTM Motorcycles Video.

Dakar Rally KTM Team


Official KTM website.

*KTM Motorcycle price and configuration may change without notice.

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