TVS Motorbike Prices.

8:06 PM 3/5/2021

TVS motorcycles prices and scooter prices are available here for the year 2021. These machines are manufactured in India based on the Japanese and German technology. Earlier their motorcycles are based with Japanese Suzuki models and they had the names such as TVS-Suzuki for nearly two decades. After TVS started to produces their own motorcycle models alone and marketed their models as TVS. Now they are very good in the Indian level motorcycle racing with their specially developed and produced TVS motorbikes. Recently they had introduced the TVS Apache series, the racing breed champion with chequered Flag on the Tank to show its 6 racing crowns. And it comes in many variants and engine capacity. Carburetor Model with Front Disc Brake, Carburetor Model with Front and Rear Disc Brake and the third is a Fuel Injected motorbike with front and rear disc brake options. Recently TVS had released their electric charged battery scooter IQube Electric in India.
Currently in the year 2021 in India, all the Two Wheelers from TVS are coming with BS-VI compatibility.

In Sri Lanka too TVS models are catching their lead in the motorcycle and scooter market with their RTR Apache models. TVS XL 100 Two Wheeler is another of their success in the small size moped Two Wheeler sector in Sri Lanka. Their motorcycles are exported to around 60 countries from India. In Srilanka there are many TVS sales, service and spare parts dealers available all over the island. Financing and Insurance coverage are easily available for these motorcycles. Most of the TVS Motorcycles and Scooters are out of stock in LK, as the Government had imposed a import ban on them from 2020.

TVS Bikes

TVS Apache RR 310
India: INR 249,990/-


TVS Apache RR 310


Apache RTR 200 4V More
Sri Lanka: Rs 527,900/-
India: Dchannel ABS
INR 133,100/-
Single ABS INR 127,100/-

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

TVS Scooty Pep+ More
Sri Lanka: Rs 237,900/-
Gloss Price: INR 54,375/-
Matte Series: INR 56,230/-
TVS Scooty Pep Plus

Scooty pep + Day Light
Sri Lanka: Rs 221,900/-

TVS Scooty Pep+

Zest Scooter
Sri Lanka: Rs 263,000/-
Gloss Price: INR 61,350/-
Matte Series: INR 63,350/-
TVS Scooty Zest 109 cc

Wego 110 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 272,900/-

TVS Wego

Apache RTR 160 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 377,900/-
India:: INR 1.05 lakh

Drum:: INR 102,100/-
TVS Apache RTR 160

Apache RTR 160 4V Disc
Sri Lanka: Rs 410,000/-
India: INR 110,230/- Disc
INR 107,300/- Drum

TVS Apache RTR 160

Radeon More
India: INR 60-67,250/-

TVS Radeon

IQube Electric More
India: INR 108,000/-

TVS Radeon

TVS NTorq More
Drum: INR 70,555/-
Disc INR 74,555/-
Race Edition: INR 77,035/-
Super Squad: INR 79,535/-
TVS NTorq Scooter

TVS XL 100 More
Sri Lanka: Rs 203,900
India Price:
INR 40,900/-- 49,600/
TVS xl-100

Star City Plus More
India: INR 66,400/-

TVS Star City Plus

Scooty Pep+
Sri Lanka: Rs 221,900/-
India: INR 51-52;450/-

TVS Scooty Pep plus

Jupiter Scooter More
India: :SMW INR 63,497/-
Jupiter INR 65,500/-
ZX INR 68,250/-
ZX Disc INR 72,350/-
Classic INR 72,450/-

TVS Jupiter

Apache RTR 180 ABS
India: INR 108,270/-

TVS Apache RTR 180

Apache RR 310
India: INR 2,48,000/-

TVS Apache RTR 180

Metro Plus 110cc More
Sri Lanka: Rs 238,900/-
Bangladesh : 108,900 Tk

TVS Metro Plus 110CC

India: INR 56-62,400/-

TVS Apache RTR 180

TVS Sport
India: INR 56-63,000/-

TVS xl-100

Metro 100cc More
Sri Lanka: Rs 238,900

TVS Metro 100CC

India: INR 56-62,400/-

TVS Apache RTR 180

TVS Sport
India: INR 56-63,000/-

TVS xl-100

New Motorcycle Registration Fee - Sri Lanka.

  • Motorcycle Full Cash Payment Registration Fees: Rs 6,000/-
  • Mortgage Method Motorbike buying Registration Fee: Rs 7,850/-
  • Motorbike under Leasing Method buying Registration Fee: Rs 8,000/-

*Prices may change without prior notice.

TVS India

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