TVS Motorbike, Scooter Prices.

6:23 AM 11/4/2022

TVS Bikes

TVS motorbike and scooter prices are available here for the year 2022. These TVS Two Wheelers are manufactured in India based on the Japanese and German technology. Earlier their motorcycles were based with Japanese Suzuki models and they had their name as TVS-Suzuki for nearly two decades. After TVS started to manufacture their own model motorcycles and Scooters alone and started to market them with the brand name TVS. Now they are very good at the Indian level motorcycle racing with their specially developed and produced TVS motorbikes.
Now TVS Ntorq Race Edition Scooter (Brand New) is available in Sri Lanka. Price is around Rs 815,000/- up to Rs 855,000/-
Apache RTR 165 RP India Price: INR 145,000+

TVS NTorq More
Drum: Rs 80,000/-
Disc: Rs 84,400/-
Race Edition: Rs 88,460/-
Super Squad: Rs 90,500/-
Race XP: Rs 92,100/-
NTorq XT: Rs 100,000/-
Sri Lanka Race: Rs 855,000

TVS NTorq Scooter

RTR160 4V More
India Disc: Rs 125,290/-
Drum: Rs 121,790/-
Sp Editi: Rs 130,090/-
Bangladesh: Tk 186,900
D/Disc: Tk 196,900/-
ABS: Tk 207,900/-
Nepal: Rs 272,900/-+

TVS Apache RTR 160

RTR 160 2V More
Drum: Rs 117,790/-
Disc: Rs 121,290/-

RM Disc BT: Rs 124,590
Nepal Price: 275,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 159,900+
Sri Lanka: Rs 377,900/-

TVS Apache RTR 160

Apache RTR 200 4V More
D/Channel R: INR 139,700/-

Single ABS: INR 144,740/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 527,900/-+

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Apache RTR 180 More
India: INR 130,590/-

Sri Lanka: Rs 377,900/-+

TVS Apache RTR 160

Apache RR 310 More
India Price: Rs 265,000/-

TVS Apache RR 310

Jupiter 110 Scooter
SMW: INR 69,990/-
Base: Rs 73,670/-
ZX: INR 78,450/-
ZX Disc: INR 82,450/-
ZX Btooth: Rs 85,250/-
Classic: INR 85.870/-

TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter 125
Drum: Rs 82,825/-
Drum Alloy: Rs 85,375/-
Disc: Rs 89,625/-

TVS Jupiter

TVS Zest 110 Scooter
Gloss Price: INR 71,650/-
Matte Serie: INR 73,350/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 263,000/-+

TVS Scooty Zest 109 cc

TVS Scooty Pep+ More
Glossy: INR 63,290/-
Matte Edition: Rs 66,200/-
Special Edit: Rs 64,290/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 237,900/-+

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

TVS XL 100 More
Comfort: INR 45,250/-
Heavy Duty: INR 47,760/-
i-Touchstart: INR 53,600/-
Comfort i.start: INR 56,400/-
Win Edition: INR 56,100/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 203,900/-+
Bangladesh: Tk 69,900/-

TVS xl-100

TVS Radeon More
Base Edi: Rs 59,950/-
Dualtone: Rs 74,450/-
Dualto Disc: Rs 78,450/-
Bangladesh: Tk102,900/-

TVS Radeon

IQube Electric More
India: INR 99,130/-

TVS iQube

TVS Sport More
Kick Start: INR 64,050/-
Self Start: INR 68,100/-

TVS xl-100

TVS Ronin More
Ronin SS: Rs 149,000/-
DS Price: Rs 156,500/-
Ronin TD: Rs 168,750/-

TVS Ronin

TVS Raider 125 More
Drum: Rs 86,000/-
Disc: Rs 93,500/-
Smartxonect: Rs 99,990/-
TVS Raider 125

Star City Plus More
ES Disc: Rs 75,000/-
ES Drum: Rs 78,150/-

TVS Star City Plus


Metro Plus 110
Sri Lanka: Rs 238,900/- +
Drum: Tk 103,900/-
Disc: Tk 108,900/-

TVS Metro Plus 110CC

Metro 100cc More
Sri Lanka: Rs 238,900

TVS Metro 100CC

Wego 110
Sri Lanka: Rs 272,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 144,900/-

TVS Wego

TVS Ntorq 125 Race Edition scooter Bangladesh Price: Tk 179,900/-, Nepal Price: Rs 275,900/-
Ntorq Super Squad Edition Price: Nepal: Rs 278,900/-

Motorcycle Registration Fee in Sri Lanka.

  • Motorcycle Full Cash Payment Registration Fees
  • Mortgage Method Motorbike buying Registration.
  • Motorbike under Leasing Method buying Registration Fee.

    *TVS Motorbikes and Scooter prices may change without prior notice.

TVS India

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