Honda Motorcycles.


Sri Lanka Prices


Honda motoercycles are very popular all over the world. Specially in USA, Australia and South Africa motorcycle riders used to have 750cc - 1500 cc motorbikes and they love this Honda brand a lot. The Honda SuperCub is another motorcycle which is small but it is having a good market all over the world. New designs from Honda are coming from the production line with many new features for to support the rider.

In Sri Lanka Honda is popular with the young people for its 250cc motorcycles and 100 cc scooters. Sri Lanka women and young girls are now prefering to own their scooters. These are considered as the best mode for to travel market, office and school in towns and villages.

SALE: Till 15th November 2018.
Honda CB Hornet 160R Rs 399,900/- (Less Rs 41,000/-)
Honda CB Unicorn 160 Rs 335,900/- (Less Rs 16,000/-)
Shine: APDS 5 Rs 265,900/-

Honda Motorcycle Prices.

Stunner CBF
Sri Lanka : LKR 280,500/-
Honda Stunner CBF
Sri Lanka : LKR 269,500/-
Honda Shine
CB Unicorn 160 More
Sri Lanka : LKR 351,900/-
Honda CB Unicorn 160
Sri Lanka : LKR 220,500/-
Honda Dio 6
Sri Lanka : LKR 205,500/-
Honda Activa
CD Dream 110
Sri Lanka : LKR 199,500/-
Honda CD Dream 110
Rebel 300 and 500

Honda Rebel 300
Honda Aviator More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 245,900/-
Honda Aviator
Dream Yuga
Sri Lanka : LKR 195,500/-
Honda Dream Yuga
Activa 3G
Sri Lanka : LKR 229,500/-
Honda Activa 3G
XR 125 L
Sri Lanka : LKR 339,500/-
Honda XR 125
CD 70
Sri Lanka : LKR 112,500/-
Honda CD 70
CB Twister More
Sri Lanka : LKR 230,000/-
Honda CB Twister CB 110 Livo

Grazla Scooter


Aviator Scooter.

Rs 245,900/

Ace CB 125
Sri Lanka : LKR 156,500/-
Honda ACE CB 125
Stunner CBF 125 More
India : ₹ 58,721
Honda Stunner CBF 125
CBR 300R More
India : ₹ 2,00,000 - ₹ 2,25,000
Honda CBR 300R.jpg
Activa i More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 231,900/-
India : ₹ 52,000

Honda Activa i
CB Trigger More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 414,900/-
India : ₹ 73,400

Honda CB Trigger
Honda Navi More
Sri Lanka : LKR 181,900/-
India : ₹ 43,500

Honda Navi
Honda Dio More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 241,500/-
India : ₹ 49,500

Honda Dio Sports
Honda Dio New More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 259,900/-
Honda Dio
Dio Matte Black
Sri Lanka : LKR 229,900/-
Honda Dio Matte Black
CBR 250 R More
Sri Lanka : LKR. 685,500/-
Honda CBR 250 R
CB Trigger 150 CC More

Sri Lanka : LKR. 315,000/-
India : ₹ 70,000

Honda CB Trigger 150
CB Hornet 160R More
Single Disc - LKR. 414,900/-
Double Disc - LKR. 440,900/-

CB Hornet 160 R

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