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7:29 PM 3/15/2023

Honda is the leader in the motorcycles and scooter prod1:50 PM 2/20/2023bookuction and is very popular all over the world for their products. They have motorcycles for the rich people to enjoy their adventure travel and cruising purposes. Meanwhile they have small motorcycles too to help office workers, farmers and for the daily wages makers. Currently in India, all the Honda motorcycles and scooters are manufactured to meet the latest BS-VI norms (Similar to Euro 5). Larger Honda Motorcycles are very popular all over the world. Specially in the USA, EU, UK, Singapore, Australia and South Africa like countries. Motorcycle riders prefer to own Honda's 750cc - 1500 cc motorbikes and they love this Honda brand's latest features. Honda Super Cub is small motorbike, but it is very popular all over the world. It has sold over 100 million all over the world. New designs from Honda are coming from the production line with many new features for to support the rider. Currently all the motorcycles and scooters manufactured by Honda in India are exported to other parts of the world too. In this year 2023 Brand New Honda Motorcycles and Scooters are not available for sale in Sri Lanka. This is being imposed due to Sri Lanka Government's Vehicle Import Ban that was implemented in the year 2020. In this year 2023 Honda Two Wheeler's price in India had increased by around Rs 250 /- up to Rs 800/-.

India Honda Two Wheeler EMI Calculator: Here.

2023 Honda Motorbike and Scooter Prices in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.


Honda DIO Scooter More
India STD: INR.68,625/-
Dio DLX: INR.72,630/-
Sports Drum: Rs 69,125/-
Sports DLX: Rs 74,625/-
Nepal DLX: Rs 227,900/-
Nepal STD: Rs 217,900/-

Honda Dio

Honda XBlade More
India Price: INR 121,315/-
Nepal Price: Rs 345,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 172,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 421,900/-+

Honda X-Blade

Livo More
Drum Price: Rs 75,820/-
Livo Disc Price: Rs 79,820/-
Disc Price: Tk 108,900/-
Drum Price: Tk 103,900/-

Honda Livo

Activa Premium 125 More
Premium Price: Rs 76,860/-

Honda Activa 125

Activa 110 More
STD Price: Rs.74540/-
DLX Price: Rs.77040/-
H-Smart Price: Rs.80,540/-

Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125 More
Activa Drum: Rs 77,500/-
Drum Alloy: Rs 81,410/-
Activa Disc: Rs 84,920/-
Nepal STD: Rs 242,900/-
Nepal DLX: Rs 252,900/-

Honda Activa 125

Grazia 125 Price More
India Drum: Rs 82,520/-
Grazia Disc: Rs 89,845/-
Nepal: Rs 279- 299,900/-
BS4: Rs 237 - 257,900/-
Honda Grazia Scooter

Dio STD More
Nepal: Rs 219,900/-
India: INR 68,850/-

Bangladesh: Tk 146,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 300,900/-
Honda Dio Sports

Unicorn More
India Price: INR 105,720/-
Nepal CB150: Rs 308,900/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 558,900/-

Honda CB Unicorn 160

Hornet 2.0 ABS More
India Price: INR 136,590/-
Nepal Price: Rs 498,900/-

Honda Hornet 2.0

SP 125 Motorbike More
India: Drum INR 84,210/-
Disc: INR 88,210
Nepal: Rs. 283,900/-

Honda SP 125

Shine Motorbike More
India Drum: INR 78,690/-
Disc Price: INR 82,690/-

Edition Drum: INR 80,190/-
Edition Disc: INR 84,190/-

Honda Shine

Honda Shine 100 (New)
India Price: INR 65,000/-

Honda Shine 100

CD 110 Deluxe More
New DLX: INR 71,140/-
Nepal: Rs. 208,900/-

Honda CD 110 Deluxe

CB350 H'ness More
India: DLX Rs.200,390/-
DLX PRO Rs.205,390/-
A.Edition: Rs 207,890/-

Nepal: Rs 848,900/-

Honda CB350 H'ness

CD 110 Dream More
India DLX: INR 70,320/-
Nepal: Rs 208,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 89,900/-
Honda CD Dream 110

Honda CBR 300R More
India: INR 227,270/-
Honda CBR 150R.
Bangladesh: Tk 538,000

Honda CBR 300R

Honda CB 300R More
USA Price: US$ 4,649+
India: Rs 277,270/-

Honda CB 300R

Honda CBR 250R More
Sri Lanka: Rs 765,900/-
Nepal: Rs 679,900/-
India: INR 167,500/-
ABS: INR 199,500/-
Honda CBR 250R

Honda CB200X DX More
India: Rs 148,845/-

Honda CB200X

Honda CB 300F
DLX Price: Rs 225,900/-
DLX Pro: Rs 228,900/-

Honda CB300F

Honda CB 350RS
USA Price: US$ 4,649+
India M Tone: Rs 205,390/-
Dual Tone: Rs 206,015/-
Nepal: Rs 898,900/-
Honda CB 300R

India Price: Rs 914,585/-
Nepal RR: Rs 3,450,000/-

Honda CB650R

CB500X More
UK Price: £6,199
USA Price: US$6,999
India Price: Rs 579,960/-

Honda CB125R

Honda CBR650R More
America Price: US$ 9,370
India: INR 934,600/-

Honda CBR 650R

Africa Twin More
DCT: INR 17,55,500/-
MT: INR 16,01,500/- +

Honda Africa Twin

CBR Fireblade 1000
USA Price: US$ 28,500
India: INR 30 lakh
Honda CBR Fireblade

CBR1000RR R More
STD Black: Rs.23,55,790/-
STD Red: Rs 24,07,220/-

Honda CB 1000R

Honda Rebel More
Rebel 300: INR 2,25,000
Rebel 500: INR 3,75,000

Honda Rebel 300

Honda Monkey More
USA Price: US$ 3,999

Honda Monkey

Honda Super Cub More
America C125: US$3,849
India: INR 1.10 lakh
UK Price: £3,449+
Honda XR 125

CB Hornet 160R More
Nepal: Rs. 348,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 189,900/-

CB Hornet 160 R

Honda CB125R
UK Price: £3,989

Honda CB125R

Honda Gold Wing More
USA Price: US$ 23,900
India Price: Rs 39,71,000/-
Honda Gold Wing

Honda Navi More
USA Price: US$ 1,807
Nepal: Rs. 160,800/-

Honda Navi

Honda Grom125 More
USA Price: US$ 3,399
USA ABS: US$ 3,599

Honda Grom125

Honda CB Shine.
Nepal: Rs 259,900/-
BS-VI: Rs 279,900/-
Bangladesh: Tk 126,900/-

Honda Shine

CD 70
Sri Lanka: Rs 112,500/-
Pakistan: Rs 121,500/-

Honda CD 70

Honda Aviator Scooter
Nepal: Rs 235,900/-

Honda Aviator Scooter







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Honda Sri Lanka is offering Motorcycle Mechanic Training Course. Age Limit is 16 - 25 years. Those who are interested can contact the Administrative office. 0117607724

Honda Motorbike

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