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Honda Dio DX . Read More. Dio Price in Sri Lanka Rs 262,900/- DX Price Rs 276,900/-

Honda Dio scooter was first released in Japan by Honda in the year 1988. Later it was marketed all over the world. Now Honda models are manufactured and assembled in India by Honda's HMSI subsidiary. Honda Dio was introduced to the Indian market in the year 2001.These Indian manufactured model Dio is exported to UK and other EU countries as Honda Lead scooters. The Dio is designed to provide 18 Lts of cargo space under its seat. As per Honda India, it announced on 06th May 2019 that they had passed the 3000,000 units of Dio sales in India. In the first 11 years they did sold 15 Lakh Dio units and within the previous 3 years period they did sold 15+ lacks Dio Scooter units in India.

Now in 2019 Dio Scooters are coming with LED headlamp plus LED position lamp & fully digital meter fitted for extra convenience Dio is available in 9 attractive colors under 2 variants- Standard & Deluxe. The standard trim is offered in Vibrant Orange / Sports Yellow / Sports Red / Candy Jazzy Blue / Matte Axis Grey Metallic. The deluxe variant is available in Dazzle Yellow Metallic / Matte Marshal Green Metallic / Pearl Igneous Black / Matte Axis Grey Metallic. Dio is attractively priced, starting at Rs. 52,938/-

Honda Dio DX is the latest version under this Honda scooter model. It comes with the Gold Color front wheel. This Honda Dio is marked as the most sold scooter in Sri Lanka in the recent history. Mostly young women are using this Dio Scooter. But in Colombo, young men too use them to run through the heavy city traffic. This model is far better than a motorcycle to go through city traffic very easily. The Honda Dio is designed to do more distance with less petrol. And can run trouble free within each service. This scooter is having a good second hand value in Sri Lanka. So people buy them without fear, as they can sell it for good value when they are in need of money.


  • Lot of Young Girls and Women prefer this Honda Dio scooter for its elegant look and other features.
  • First of all its Ground clearance of 158 mm is well suited to medium height Asian Girls and Women.
  • Its’ light weight. It weighs just around 104Kg's only.
  • 5.3 Liter Fuel tank is good enough for 10 days without looking the fuel gauge.
  • Side and Centre stands for comfortable parking.
  • Self start and Kick start facility.
  • 4-in-1 Lock with seat opening switch.
  • Mobile Charging Socket facility while on the go.
  • CBS (Combined Braking System) with equalizer. Honda technology for optimum braking and to help improve stability.
  • Tubeless Tyre.

    Available Colours

  • Pearl Sports Yellow
  • Matte Axis Grey Metallic
  • Vibrant Orange
  • Candy Jazzy Blu

View Dio video.
DX video. Secret Dio Video.

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