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Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter.

7:24 AM 1/20/2024

Chetak eScooter.
Premium: Rs 120,000
Up to RS 135,470/-
Urbane: RS 115,000/-
Sri Lanka: Rs 600,000+

Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter 2023 model is the answer for easy commuting and environment protection. Actually Bajaj Chetak, is one of the perfectly designed electric scooters from Bajaj Auto for the Indian commuters in this year 2023. There is lot of E-Scooters and e-motorcycles are available in the India Two Wheeler market. Most of the riders are leaving their old petrol powered motorcycles and are buying these eScooters which provides trouble free ridding in the city. This is an elegantly designed two wheeler with shapes and well-sculpted lines on it’s sleekly body and it is called as state-of-the-art scooter. It's advanced technology enabled console will all you to access all the information you need in one simple touch. With this system locating your Bajaj Chetak scooter or protect it from theft a lso to send and receive notifications in case of an accident It is protected from unauthorized access through the latest system. Also the Chetak E-scooter allows you to set your music and read helpful riding tips from your connected device. There will be standard and deluxe model for the commuters to select from. Orders are being accepted by the Bajaj for these scooters through their online website. In the meantime Bajaj Chetak is becoming more popular in the e-scooter sector with its trusted brand name Bajaj.
Suggested Sri Lanka Price Rs 600,000/- + Tax + VAT.
Top Speed: 63km/h
2024 premium Range: 126 Km
Urbane Range: 113 Km


Electric Scooter in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Government allows people to import electric vehicles, Emotorbikes, eScooter and eBicycles with their US Dollars. A customs tax will apply when clearing them. Bajaj electric scooter can be imported to Sri Lanka with out any difficulties once the economy is back to normal. This Bajaj motorcompany is one of the much trusted company in the motorcycle sector. They have many service stations all over Sri Lanka. So pretty soon Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube and Hero electric scooters will have good competion in Sri Lanka e-scooter market. Let's wait and see who is going to get the lead in this E-scooter sector of Sri Lanka. In the meantime eBicycles too are expected to be available here within 3 months at the price range is marked at Rs 200,000/- up to Rs 400,000/-.

Chetak Scooter Electric is connected to Smartphone through Chetak App (Tamper alert, geo-fencing and OTA updates)

Chetak Scooter Battery.

The Bajaj e-scooter is provided with non-removable lithium-ion battery pack for perfect usage. This 3.8kW/4.1kW electric scooter provides a real-world driving range of 90 km in the Eco Mode of this Electric Scooter with a single full charge. The battery can be charged 100% in 5 hours time. Meanwhile in one hour period its battery can be charged 25% of its capacity. Bajaj provides Warranty of 3 years, 50,000 km on the Chetak Lithium Ion Batteries to keep it running. Charge it through any three pin AC 220V, 5A wall socket in your home. It is like If you can charge your Phone in your home, then you can charge your Chetak too. The Chetak battery is designed to serve you for a period of 7 years, 70,000 kms and it carries a Battery warranty of 3 years, 50,000 kms.

  • Full Steel Body,
  • Household Full Charge in 4 hours.
  • 25% Quick Charge in 1 hour.
  • Direct Drive Facility
  • IP67 Water Protection,
  • Flush Fitted Exteriors,
  • Horseshoe Type DRL Headlamps,
  • Sequential LED Blinker,
  • Bluetooth Enabled,
  • Geo Fencing (eLock)
  • Over the Air updates,
  • Tamper Alert,

Locate your Chetak (feature)
Tampering Alert.
Warranty: 70,000 km, 7 Years
Battery Warranty: 50,000Km / 3 Years.

Built With Steel like Metal.

Beauty and riding joy is forever available for you with the touch of steel body. You will be surprised to feel its unique structure, formability, strength and recyclability remains unmatched. The new Bajaj Chetak is 24x7 uptime and it gives long lasting power supply too.  It gives out high speed, high distance coverage. It is ready when you are reay and charge it while you rest. The E-scooter is provided with a power train that never needs attention from the user. Disc brake is provided in the front and drum brake is provided in the rear. There is reverse gear facility to assist the Chetak at the time of parking it. LED Head Lamps and Turn Signals are provided to this e-scooter.

Real Time Bluetooth Connection.

Bluetooth connection through the Chetak e-scooter App allows the rider to access all the information with one simple touch on their Smartphone or dash board. This allows your Chetak scooter to be protected from theft and receive notifications in case of an accident or unauthorized access. Set your music and read helpful riding tips from your connected device.

Chetak Premium Edition (Price: Rs 151,000/-) Vs Chetak Standard (Price: Rs 120,000/-).
Bajaj Chetak comes with bodycoloured Rearview Mirrors.
Dual Tone Seat.
Bluetooth Connected Technology
Coloured LCD Console
LED Lighting
LED Daytime Running Lamp
Sequential Turn Signals in the Rear.
USB Charger (Under seat)

Smart Key
Keyless Entry
Hill Hold Assist
Rollover Detection
Soft touch with backlit Switches.
Parking Brakes.
revwerse Mode / Power Mode
Single Charge can give 108 Km with Eco Mode.
Wheels Branding Decals.
Charcol Black footrest and Grab Bars.
Chetak Premium Edition Colors: Matte Coarse Grey, Matte Caribbean Blue and Satin Black.
Chetak Standard Colors: Brooklyn Black, Velluto Rosso, Indigo Mettalic and Hazel Nut.

View Bajaj Chetak EV Video. : Source - Bajaj India.

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