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Hero Electric Scooters.

7:59 AM 5/30/2024

Hero Electric

Hero Eelectric Scooter
Vida V1 Pro: INR 130,200/-
Vida V1
Plus: INR 102,700/-
Flash: Rs 59,640/-
Atria LX: Rs 77,690/-

Hero Electric Scooters are produced by Hero Electric India. These Escooters are marketed in India through their dealers. They are one of the leading EV makers in Asia region. Hero Electric had sold more than 300,000 models to their happy customers. The company's success depends on using of the more powerful Lithium-ion Batteries. It needs around 4-5 hours of time to charge fully and it can go on 100km distance with that charge. There is a digital console to check the latest data on battery charge and the distanceit can go. Some of the model may not require registration or rider license. This Hero Electric Scooters are perfect ones to be imported to Sri Lanka. Induviduals in Sri Lanka who have US Dollars in Bank can import these Escooters from India. They need to pay Sri Lanka import tax. So far no agents in Sri Lanka are interested in importing these perfect electric scooters to Sri Lanka. These Hero Electric Scooters are good choice for the Sri Lanka climate and road conditions.

FameII: You will get the FAME II subsidy will automatically applied to your Hero Electric Vida V1 Pro scooter bill, according to your State.

Hero VIDA V1 PRO Electric scooter Details.
Range: 110 km
Top Speed: 80 kmph
Fast charging time: 0-80% Less than 65 Min
Acceleration: 0-40 kmph in 3.2 sec

Hero Motocorp Electric Scooter - Vida Plus.
Range: 143 - 165 Km
Top Speed: 80 Km/h
Pick up 0 - 40Km/h: 3.4 Sec
80% Charge: Less than 65 minutes.
Can use Arthur Electric Scooter charging interface.

Ride Modes: Eco, Ride, Sport and Custom.
Charging Methods: Portable Charger, DC Fast Charging and Battery Swap (Removable Batteries)

Their eScooter prices start from 46,000/- per unit and a perfect Electric Scooter will cost as much as INR 150,000/-. Visit the nearest Hero dealer and find a suitable one at affordable price. Normally all the perfect EV's are marketed in the price range of INR 100,000/- with warranty. Most of them are capable of making reverse mode for to park them easily in tight parking spots. Inaddition nearly all of them are connected through the Smartphone's of their owners. This is come as an optional one from the manufacturer. Hero Electric Two Wheelers are available for Test Ride. Check with your local dealer.

Hero eScooter Price in India.

  • Hero Eddy Price: Rs 72,000/-
  • Hero Electric Flash Price: Rs 39,900/-
  • Photon Price: Rs 86,401/-
  • Optima 2.0 Price: Rs 106,590/-
  • Dash Price: Rs 50,000/-
  • AE-29 Price: Rs 85,000/-
  • AE 47 Price: Rs 100,000/- - Rs 150,000/-
  • Hero NYX HX Price: Rs 77,540/-
  • Photon HX Price: Rs 77,490/-
  • Optima CX Price: Rs 85,190/-
  • Optima HX (Single Battery) Price: Rs 76,640/-
  • NYX HX (Dual Battery) Price: Rs 104,930/-
  • Hero Optima LX (VRLA) Price: Rs 51,440/-
  • Optima LX Price: Rs 70,440/-
  • Hero Electric Atria LX Price: Rs 71,690/-
  • Electric Flash LX Price: Rs 59,640/-

In this year 2023 Electric motorcycle and Electric Scooter sales had rapidly increased in India. State Governments too support this idea to have clean environment without carbon in the air. Also the increasing fuel prices too make the buyers to go for electric Two Wheelers to get economy for their commuting purpose. Another of this electric model is it can be charged with the household electricity in the night time while they are sleeping. Take noite that some models are provided with Two batteries.

Fire on Photon Electric Scooter and findings.
One of the scooter caught fire and was concluded that the AC phase and earth wires of the home were coming in contact with each other. Because of this it led to a short circuit and the malfunctioning of the fuses that should have cut off in the event of such short circuit.

Motor Power: 600 - 1300 W
Charging Time: 4-5 Hours
Front Brake: Drum
Rear Brake: Drum
Body Type: Electric Bikes
ABS: Not available.
Braking Type: Combined Braking System
Charging Point: No
Mobile Connectivity: Not provided
Speedometer: Digital

Hero Electric Scooters in India.

There are many more models available from Hero Electric in India as High speed and Low speed models.
Currently 14 Hero Electric two wheelers are available from their dealers all over India.
Hero Electric two wheelers Models that is available in India.
Recently Hero Electric Company is expected to launch 4 of its new models in India.

Hero Electric Scooters

Hero Electric Scooters video.


Prices may change without notice.

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