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Ather 450 Electric Scooter.

5:32 AM 7/15/2024

Ather screen

Ather Electric Scooter
ATher Rizta Price: INR 110,000/-
450S Price: INR 115,600/-
Ather 450X Price: INR 140,600/-
450 Apex Price: INR 194,999/-

Ather 450 electric scooter has been renamed as 450 X and 450 Plus variants. These latest upgraded E-scooters are coming with many new features to assist the rider. In India Ather had planned to install 150 quick charging stations around the important cities. Quick charging stations will help to support charging of Ather Scooters on the road. Earlier this E-Scooter was marketed in Bengaluru and Chennai only. Now it is available in 12 cities in India. They are carrying 3 years warranty for the Two Wheeler, battery pack and for the home charging point. Its reverse move can help the rider to park in tight spots. Ather can catch a top speed of 80 km/h and has a riding range of 55 - 75 km, depending on its travel speed. Ather electric scooters are considered as good electric scooters for the Sri Lanka Streets. Its user's can use the home electric to charge it in their homes. Ather mobile APP will allow you to check the charging progress of the battery. Once it is fully charged the unit will cut off power supply automatically. Currently there are more than 2500 recharging points for these Ather Electric Scooters in India.

Note: Ather 450 Electric Scooters prices had been reduced in this year 2024. Check with the Ather e-scooter Dealer near to you.
In addition they had unveiled their new electric scooter Ather Rizta electric scooter. The Ather Electric scooter prices remains the same in this month July 2024 too.

Current modesl available in India.

ATher Rizta
450S Ather
Ather 450X
450 Apex

Ather Electric Scooter Price in Sri Lanka: Rs 552,000 + Government Tax + Vat

Ather 450S the latest Electric Scooter.
Operating Range: 115 Km
Top Speed: 90 Km/h

2024 Ather Electric Scooter Features.

Certified Range: 146 km
True Range: 105 km
Top speed: 90 km/h
0-40 km/h: 3.3 s
Ather Battery Protect - 5 Years.

Note: All customers of Ather electric scooters must check about the Connect Pro and Connect Lite service. They includes features like onboard navigation, personal ride statistics, remote charge monitoring and over-the-air updates. In the meantime Ather Electrice Scooters cane be Charged with,

1. Ather Dot Home Charger. 2. Portable Charger. 3. Ather Grid.

Who is the Dealer for Ather eScooters in Sri Lanka?

Not yet announced.
Suggested Ather eScooter price in Sri Lanka: Rs 500,000/- 600,000/- + charges +Tax.
Those who have US$ in their bank accounts can import them at special price.

Ather 450 Plus

  • 0-40 km/hr can be achieved in 3.9 sec
  • True Range is 85 km
  • Peak Power is 5.4 kW
  • The Torque it provides is 22 Nm
  • Reverse Assist for tighter parking area.
  • Fast Charging goes like 10 km in 10 mins.
  • Top speed available at 80Km/h
  • Bluetooth call alerts and music control
  • Charge Ather Scooter in your home, Portable charger or with the Publiuc Charger.

All new Ather 450X Gen3

  • True Range: 105 Km, Certified Range: 146 Km
  • Travel range is available for a single charge is 116 km.
  • 7" Capacitive Touch screen for to get more information
  • On-Board Navigation powered by Google Maps.
  • Bluetooth Call alerts & Music control, so you can accept or reject incoming calls.
  • When side stand is on, alert through provided Sensors.
  • Easy parking facility in difficult spots with reverse movement action.
  • If necessary, after switching off the engine, its Head Lights will be on for another 10 seconds for parking inside your home garage.

Ather 450X Features.

  • 0-40 km/h: in 3.3 s
  • True Range (Eco Mode): 85 km
  • Peak Power: 6 kW
  • Top Speed: 80 km/h
  • Torque: 26Nm
  • Fast Charging: 15 km in 10 min

Lithium-ion battery pack from High capacity for range, high power output for acceleration, long life, and fast charging capabilities. We struggled to find one pack that has all of these. So we took the easy way out. So we built one battery to fit for ourselves.

  • Mono-Shock Suspension.
  • Large 21 Lt
  • under seat storage facility.
  • Front Disc Brake.
  • Rear Disc Brake.
  • Combined (CBS) Braking System.

Ather App : All the vital stats of your scooter is available remotely through the Ather App. It includes charge status, ride patterns, Push Navigation to scooter and facility to book service too available.

Charging : Plug your scooter to any regular 5-Amp socket using the charging cable. (Once charged auto cut will be activated)

Weight : 118Kg

Update your Ather scooter Ownership over the air.

Ather E-Scooter is an ever improving scooter. Get new software features, enhanced performance and firmware updates without taking it to the service center.

Service : Doorstep pick up and drop, 24 x 7 Road-side assistance and Remote diagnostics.

Find the locations of the Ather Public Charging points with the help of the App.
Ather Public Charging points will allow you 10 minutes charging that can run your scooter for 15 Km.

New Buyer? Financing is available for this E-Scooter in India.

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Ather450 Electric Scooter

Ather 450 video. : Source.

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