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Suzuki GN 125 Motorcycle

12:05 PM 1/26/2024

Suzuki GN 125

Suzuki GN 125 Price
Sri Lanka: Rs. 660,000/-+

Suzuki GN 125 motorcycle is considered as the best learner/commuter motorcycle in Sri Lanka and many other countries. This GN 125 motorcycle production was started by the Suzuki Company from the year 1994 (up to 2021). There is no message from the Suzuki about this four stroke engine fitted model's availability in many parts of the world. Its 125 cc engine can produce 13 HP max power at 9500 rpm. Currently the Suzuki GN 125 Bike is available as second hand or used motorcycle in many countries. The bike is provided with lot of stainless steel parts and they make it to look beautiful one. This is a good motorbike to ride in Towns and Villages and can produce more mileage for the fuel that it used to consume.

As per Internet web pages, some say the production of Suzuki GN 125 motorcycle in Japan has been discontinued. Although it is available as Brand new Suzuki GN125H motorcycle at the price of NZ$ 2,495 in New Zealand. In Sri Lanka due to Government's vehicle import ban this motorcycle is not available officially. Although there are some of the Suzuki GN 125 motorbikes are available for sale as old stock. They are available as unregistered motorcycles from the seller in Sri Lanka. Moreover there are many Chinese made fake Suzuki GN 125 Motorcycles are marketed in Sri Lanka. People buy these models knowing they are fake models.

In Sri Lanka many new Suzuki GN125 motorcycles can be seen on the road. As there is no more official production coming from Japan, people used to say that these bikes should be previously manufactured and kept in ware houses in India or in China. Now they are being sold in Sri Lanka through paper advertisements by individuals. Newspaper advertisements used to say that they are Brand New Suzuki GN 125 motorcycles available for sale in Sri Lanka. Also new Suzuki GN 125 bikes are available for sale in South Africa, Bangladesh and China along with genuine spare parts. People are very fond of its shining metallic parts and for its engine sound. It is considered as a good entry level motorcycle in many parts of the world. Learners in Australia and other countries used to ride them before going to a more powerful machine.

Used Suzuki GN 125 motorbike Price in Sri Lanka: Rs 250,000/- up to Rs 720,000/-
Japan Used Suzuki GN 125 Price Rs 575,000/-+ (currently import is not allowed)
China Brand New Senaro GN 125 Price: Rs 660,000/- (Looks similar to Japanese Suzuki GN 125 Motorcycle)

Suzuki GN 125 Specifications.

  • Engine: Single cylinder, four-stroke
  • Displacement: 124.00 cc (7.57 cubic inches)
  • Compression: 9.5:1
  • Bore x Stroke: 57.0 x 48.8 mm (2.2 x 1.9 inches)
  • Valves per cylinder: 2
  • Cooling System: Air Cooled
  • Gearbox: 5-Speed Transmission
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic
  • Rear uspension: Twin shock, adjustable
  • Front Tyre: 2.75-18
  • Rear Tyre: 3.50-16
  • Front Brakes: Single disc
  • Rear Brakes: Expanding brake (Drum Brake)
  • Weight: 105 kg
  • Seat Height: 776 mm (30.6 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.
  • Height: 1,110 mm
  • Length: 1,945 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 175 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,280 mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 10 Lt
  • Color: Red | Black
  • Starting Method: Electric Start

Suzuki GN 125 Motorcycle is Available in the Following Countries.
Guatemala as Force GN 125.

Suzuki GN125H. Available in three glossy Colors in these countries.

New Zealand.

Suzuki GN125 in Columbia

Suzuki GN 125F.

Suzuki GN 125F Available in Argentina.
Japan Suzuki GN 125FModel available in Costa Rica.
El Salvador Force GN 125 Model.
Suzuki GN 125F Price: $25,490
Japan Suzuki GN 125F Price: $27,990 Mexico.

Suzuki GN 125

Suzuki Force TT GN 125TT.

Suzuki Force TT GN 125TT motorbike is now available in Guatemala.

Suzuki GN 125TT

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Suzuki GN 125

GN 125 Video

Suzuki GN 125

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